Low Limit Tables
  • I had a great afternoon at the tables for a couple hours. I Was pressed for time but still won 38 units......one of those do no wrong days. However,
    not all things were that great. It seems that the casinos can't leave the
    damn game alone. 10 and 15 dollar tables now have the "no mid shoe"
    thing in place.....not all of them, but enough to make things more difficult
    for us poor church mice. One other thing I noticed at all tables, the cut
    card in shoe games was only getting 1.5 decks, which is great.

    I think that the two conditions may be related. For some reason this was
    an off day...not real crowed for a change. They may go after volume in
    the slow periods and this explains the better pen. If they do that, then they
    are more exposed to us mice and that may account for the no mid shoe
    problem. If this condition don't correct itself in a few days I may have to
    switch to DD.
  • Ray, that's what I mean...you have to just about live where the action is located. I would think games and pen change frequently in some casinos and you just have "be there" and take avantage of the opportunity.

    Nice play and gain...Onward! LOL

    Best, Jim

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