• Today's professional-level blackjack players are not like what most people picture them to be. For openers, they are nothing at all like those screaming fellows on today's cable television wanting to sell you their systems. Forget those guys. No real pro expects easy profit of 1.5% over the long run. Ninety-nine-plus percent of peddlers make their living simply by selling worthless systems to gullible people who expect instant riches. Those touts' money-management advice, including such nonsense as progressive betting systems, in itself proves they are NOT genuine professional-level players. Those fellows don't bet for a living they peddle their guesses for a living.

    Successful blackjack players appear to be pretty much like anyone else. Most are married, have children, a mortgage, a car loan, a lawn mower, and all the other accouterments of 'normal' people. The difference is, they absolutely play with an edge and they love what they do for a living. Although they put in a lot of hours and they are their own boss. They can pick their own hours and their own work environment. Generally speaking, many don't consider themselves gamblers at all; most would say they're better described as 'investors.' Blackjack, after all, can be likened in many ways to investing in the stock market, only in very, very fast motion.

    As a successful blackjack player you have no time clock, no boss, no employees, no 'customers', no daily commute battling traffic, - none of the hassles of most everyone else you know.
    When you consider that you figure to win 1.5% of your total action simply by playing a valid card counting system, can it really be all that tough to win?

    Yes, I'm afraid it's a lot tougher than it looks, and combined with the hazards of faulty money management, blackjack is a very slippery slope. My guess is that no more than one in a hundred players can make blackjack their sole vocation. Another big difference between playing blackjack for a business and gambling on stocks or commodities is, of course, that in blackjack you don’t need a million dollars to bet a million. You can turn over a million dollars in bets much more quickly starting from an initial smaller bank, and your investment remains much more liquid. Typically, a full-time professional blackjack player can have about 100,000 hands per year with an action of about 15 millions that you don’t have to have it in the first place. You just bet over and over small amounts and collect 1.5% of the total amount bet during that year. At 15 million, that is $225,000 income per year

    Even at those conservative figures, the annual gross profit would be a little over. If average bet size is only $150, and even if he does not increase the size of his bets as his bankroll increases, he makes profit on his investment every year. Changing his bet size when his bankroll increases (or decreases) by 50%, he can make much more. Compare that to investing in stocks or bonds, which pale by comparison.

    The “know-how-to-do-it” is not easy material ready available. But if you can learn the secrets, can be every bit as valuable as the best college education.

    I don't mean to make pro blackjack sound like an easy way to get rich. There seems to be a million ways to fail. For one thing, probably the most important of all things, you should be as objective as possible when considering your own psychological qualifications. Blackjack should be addressed as a business, not as some sort of amusement park thrill ride.

    Nevertheless, if you've got what it takes, it's got to be the best profession in the world.

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