A Little Different
  • I found a casino last weekend that paid 3/2 on split Aces, when you drew a 10 or face card. That is the first time I have seen that.
  • What you probably “found” was a short term “promo”. These are quite common in the smaller Midwest Indian casinos and riverboats. They will advertise what you said, or 2:1 BJ’s, 2:1 Five-Card Charlie’s, etc., etc. ….BUT they are only for a very limited time. Obviously, the reason is to get more people coming through their doors, then “pull the plug” on the promotional, and go back to their normal rules.

    Play them if you find them, but don't expect them.

  • The only promo that I have seen lately was $1 hotdogs after the Ohio
    river closed them down for a few days. Last time that happened they
    opened Monday morning early and I'm there at 8. The river was
    about an inch from the blacktop; the parking garage was full and the
    casino had the biggest crowd that I've seen. I guess the fools were
    hungry, but not for hotdogs................................
  • Ray - That was during your flooding, wasn't it?......Those folks weren't lookin' for hotdogs or gamblin'. They thought that riverboat was The Ark.
  • Grif- Yes, it was when I was having that month long run(Dec) and playing
    every day. Had it rained any while we were in there doing battle,it would
    have been the Ark.
  • This was indeed a small indian casino in Oklahoma. It was not advertised or a promo. It is just the way they do it. As for how long it will last is anybodys guess. It is no big deal as the game limits were only $2 to $25 and the game has the Oklahoma ante. I was there to get on their BJ tournament list, so I played some. There are over 50 indian casino's in O.K. and they are building more. Oklahoma "may" be a very good place to play blackjack, soon. Right now it is not.....
  • Midnite- Where have you been for the last few month?
  • Thanks for asking Ray. I have been working on something and working a lot of overtime at work.
    The players that I saw in the Oklahoma game had a better chance of nailing jello to a tree, than they did of winning at BJ. I am sure there are some good players in OK, but not at that table.

  • I love nailing Jello to a tree...and doubling down on hard 16.

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