The Vegas Yeti: A non CTS video blackjack?
  • I've been reading the different "Gaming Gurus" articles on casinocitytimes and noticed the following question to Frank Scoblete who writes video poker books.
    The answer mentions that there are possibly video BJ machines that do not shuffle after every hand.

    So I am wondering: do such machines exist? has anyone ever seen them? I am talking about the single player machines, not the "table simulators" that exist in lieu of tables where prohibited by law? Could it be that there are multi-deck games with penetration?

    On my first trip to Vegas I spent a lot of time playing the video BJ machines, mostly at the Paris (I love the atmosphere, and with a low bankroll, it gave me playing time even though it was negative expectation). I noticed that occasionally the game "freezes" for a few seconds between hands. Since these machines are not exactly sophisticated and they are not running any other software, is this possible that this freezing serves to "simulate" shuffling and the game could possibly be multi-deck? I know it sounds silly, but I cant't figure out why someone would program a delay into what is essentially a slot machine.

    Anyway, the article I mentioned is at
    and is copied below.


    I recently purchased your book Victory at Video Poker, mostly for the section on video blackjack.

    I read the section on card counting in BJ and I can't figure out how one can tell when the deck gets shuffled. I've checked out the games at the casinos here in Detroit (I know, but it's all that I've got) and they are like a continuous shuffle game.

    What's the catch? Do the "better" video BJ games tell you when the deck is being shuffled or something?


    Dear Dave,

    When you read the rules it should tell you if you are playing a single or multiple deck game and how often they shuffle. If the game you are playing doesn't do this then you can figure it's a continuous shuffle game -- and avoid it!

    All the best in and out of the casinos!
    Frank Scoblete

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