perfect pair, and lucky ladies
  • While playing last week it seemed that there were a lot of wins on theses two side bets. Has anyone the odds on these two? I know the "all side bets are sucker bets" theory...I want to know if anyone has proof.
  • D, I think the proof is, the fact that the casino even offers this bet.
    With a side count of the Queen of Hearts, the Lucky Ladies can be profitable at a TC of +7.
  • D- It varies per the exact rules and number of decks, but the house edge for six deck is about 22%......Stay away from it.

    Midnite - Interesting post. I have two questions:
    1. Exactly how "profitable" is it at TC+7. What is the EV at this count?

    2. What is the correlation of the Queen of Hearts side count?....i.e. What are the EV's for a TC+7 and respective side counts of 1, 2, 3,...6?

  • Grifter to answer your question, go to GC and do a search for Lucky Ladies. Panama Rick wrote a simulation to shuffle a 6 deck shoe 1 million times and calculated the EV of this sidebet as each card was dealt (down to 1.5 decks) He then compaired this with various counting methods. There are nine pages of data.....
  • What is GC?
  • GreenChip at Stanford Wong's web site.

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