CVBJ....Flashcard Drills Question
  • I have been using CVBJ for about two months and curious what is a good rating for Flashcard Drills with the folowing options....5.1, 8D

    When I first started Iwas very slow while learning BS...I have improved to 40/ fast can most AP's complete this drill?

    Thanks, Jim

    Practice, practice and then practice somemore. LOL
  • I'm not sure of your options. 8D is meaningless as it only says that you should be using multiple-deck basic strategy. I can tell you how I run the drill...

    I set the counter to 60, which says show me 60 BS plays. I then run this drill and look at the little "speedometer" on the left hand side. I typically can do this at 55-60 rounds per minute, that is the 60 decisions take around 60-65 seconds... This is a "starting hands" type of drill where I get 2 cards and the dealer gets 1, and the thing pauses until I press the correct hit/stand/etc button...

    You really don't need to go that fast, you need to do two things. (1) be accurate. My speed in the above drill is only for zero errors. If I make a mistake, I finish the drill, then start over, and continue until I don't make one. (2) be automatic, so that while you are counting, you are not having to think about "do I hit this or do I stand?" I believe I could go significantly faster were it not for the mouse movement. But I have not tried to use the keyboard to see if that is quicker.

    The other useful counting drill is two-cards-at-a-time, for a 6D or 8D shoe. If you can average a deck every 20 seconds, say 120 seconds for a 6D shoe, you can count. Note that I set the thing to "36 card resolution" so that it will give me roughly 18 pairs before I have to click on the proper running count.

    There are other good drills, such as remaining decks estimation and the like, as well.
  • Thanks SSR...I will take your advice. It sounds like you are making each decision in less than a second using the mouse. Could you tell me how someone could have received a score of "80" playing the Hit or Stand game....Record todate.

    Thanks again for the information....I'll start the additional drills today.

    Best, Jim
  • I have no idea about the HOS game high scores. About all I could think of is that they could get a very lucky stream of hands, say all hands are pat, so that they could just click "stand" over and over quickly. I don't play that much any more since I have CVBJ around, and the bonus drill can't be hit until you play through 20 hands which is way slow.

    Perhaps someone that has hit a mega-speed on the bonus drill can answer. I have personally hit 28 a couple of times, 24 a few more. I've never gotten beyond 28. In 20 seconds, I'm not sure how one could make 4 decisions and mouse-clicks per second, unless...

    perhaps an application could play the bonus round using a computer, which would then mean that the max speed is purely limited by the network delay of sending decisions back and forth.

    Don't get too worried about the speed. The only advantage to making BS decisions faster is that it means you are not having to think about them. That is the point here. It is one less thing to distract you in an environment that is _full_ of things to distract you. You don't need to work on your mouse-clicking speed, that won't help you in a casino at all. If you can do 45 BS decisions in a minute, you _know_ that a significant part of that time is used in moving the mouse to the right spot and clicking. Yes I suspect it is possible to do 2 per second using a mouse, and at times I go that fast, but not for the whole drill... I hardly think about splits, and I occasionally make the 99 vs 7 split mistake even though I know it is a stand decision, but going at warp speed, 99 vs 7 seems like a split after you have blasted through 99 vs 6, 99 vs 2, and then out pops that 99 vs 7. :) Your speed sounds like it is very reasonable, and it will get better if you do my 60-hand drill every night and repeat it until you get through with no errors. Your speed will climb.

    Hopefully, you get to the point that you can make a BS decision without any conscious thought at all, so that the distractions around you in the casino don't cause you to lose concentration, lose the count, and lose your advantage. For example, what starting counter has not sat down at a table, bought in, and after the first round or two has been played thought "Damn, I forgot to count starting on the first round so I have no idea what the count is."?? The casino environment causes that...

    Personally I have done it. I occasionally do it on my first buy-in on my first day after not playing in a casino for a few weeks. Feel stupid as hell too. :)

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