6D.."Front Count"
  • Renzey's key number is 36 or under prior to sitting down or increasing bet while playing from the start. Can the "Front Count" be used in an 8D game and if so, what what be the "key number" and how many decks counted? I'm thinking 3 decks shuld be front counted and the key number should be 52 or lower...Is this correct, or is it a bad idea to front count an 8D shoe?

    Thanks, Jim

    PS: I hope I made sense..lol
  • In your example, a six deck count of 36, after two, translates to a +1.
    That is: 40 minus 36=4/4=+1. In 8 deck with 3 decks in the tray you
    have 60 minus 55=5/5=+1. The same relationship as in 6 deck. Yes,
    it makes sense to front/back count any shoe game because of the long
    periods of disadvantage time you would have otherwise.

    Understand that the +1 does not give you an advantage, but the shoe
    games tend to stay the way they are after 2-3 decks. The +1 that you
    start out with will improve as you get rid of more cards and your adv.
    will increase to an average in six deck to about 1.6-1.7,etc.
  • Thanks Ray...going to play at eastern indian casino this week and going to try it out.

    Appreciate the information,

    Best, Jim
  • Actually, a front count of '36' two decks into a six deck shoe is equal to a true count of +1.6. That's because if there really are two decks gone, then the remaining four decks will contain four surplus Ace/10's -- and will also be missing four other cards theoretically equally distributed among its 2's thru 9's. Weight all those according to their relative advantage value, and it's a +1.6TC, yielding about a 0.40% advantage when you incorporate the appropriate basic strategy revisions at that juncture.

    For eight decks, you'd want a front count of '34' after two dealt decks to have the same true count. It won't happen as often, but will last longer when it finally comes. Waiting thru three decks would be killing too many potentially valuable situations and shortening the remaining life of those few rich shoes.
    Fred Renzey
  • Confused on the "36" for a six deck game.
    The Bluebook has a six deck count starting at "10"
    I thought the deck was favorable at "20"?
    What is the "36" number??? :?:
  • Thanks Fred...now I understand.

    Appreciate your time and advice.

    Best, Jim
  • Sage - You're talking about the KISS counts......These guys are talking about the A-10 Front Count........Grifter

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