Used Shoe & Discard Tray
  • Interested in purchasing a used "Shoe" and "Discard Tray"

    Comments on where to purchase would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Jim
  • Jim - I don't know about used, but you can get them new at at a reasonable price.......Probably about forty bucks for both.


    p.s....If I remember right, they also carry green visors, sleeve garters, and clip-on bow ties if you are interested. 8)
  • Grif...sounds great. Do you know offhand if they carry the tie in red, white and blue? Almost forgot, do they also carry bandanna's with a teepee emblem or the Lone Ranger and Tonto?

    God Bless You until the rivers stop flowing and the stars shining.

  • Jim,

    You may want to see what is available on Ebay.

    take care,
  • A discard tray is a MUST for learning how to estimate used cards. But it should cost you more like $15, not $40.
  • Thanks for all the info. Yes, Ebay has many, many shoes for sale at the right proce in addition to green visors, vests and boe ties. I just checked today and found a couple in the $15/20 range.

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