Index Numbers S17 vs H17
  • Do index numbers change depending on the rules of the game?

    For example in Renzey's KISS II and III counts when the count is 20 I'm supposed to double 11 vs an Ace but since I'm playing in 6 deck H17 games I'm supposed to do this all the time according to basic strategy. Does this mean that I should actually not double 11 vs and Ace when the count is less than 20 even in a H17 game?
  • They can be found in Wongs book : Blackjack Secrets (pages 56 to 59). It is for the High-Low count.
  • Skunk – Two good questions….With balanced count systems, there are about five changes in the indices for S17 and H17 (and 11 vs A is one of them) for six deck. Unfortunately there is not a direct correlation between these and the indices for an unbalanced running count except at a specific point (i.e. In your case, RC22 = TC+2 for the Kiss Counts).

    For your second question, I hope Renzey reads it and posts an answer, since he did the math on it ……or maybe someone else knows. Personally if I were playing the Kiss with 6D, H17 I would double 11 vs A unless I hit the “walkaway” number.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more specific on the second question….Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the replies. The answer is not critical to me yet as I still have my hands full just keeping the count but I thought that if I'm going to go through the trouble of learning even some of them that I try to learn the correct numbers from the start rather than having to change them later. Hopefully, Mr. Renzey will clear up the indices and if it is true that the indices change that it is also likely that the late surrender numbers change slightly as well.

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