Short Trip Report
  • Played Laughlin for the last three days.....Pretty routine trip, playing double deck as usual in various casinos. Cards were falling pretty much as expected with no really big BR swings either plus or minus, and I had a good, solid win after about twenty hours of play........then in my last deal of the trip, I had something pretty unusual happen. Won all eight hands of the last deal, with two blackjacks. The deck was positive the whole time, and my units won were 2, 4, 8, 12, 8, 12. 8. 8......62 units won in 8 hands, or about 10 minutes.

    Ain't it a shame it don't always work like that? 8)

  • OK Grifter, a reminder from the past:

    "I don't see how you guys are getting away with those spreads you are using"

    And then you spread 1-12 on a DD game? :)

    Good job...

    I usually stick to 1-8 except when things are just "goin' my way" :)
  • Stainless - Read that again ya' rascal. :wink: .... Those two 12's were unit wins from the blackjacks. The bets were 8 units.

    I did increase my spread the last day to 1 - 8, but it was essentially a 2-8. I started the deck with 2 units, then dropped to 1 if I lost and the deck went negative.....Call it a 1-4 with a fallback. 8)

  • OK...

    mea culpa

    When I saw the 12 units, I said "aha, caught the rascal"


    Just a damned minute.

    You were spreading 1-8. That is what I spread. I thought you were implying that was too big? :)

    I do use the "start at 2, drop to one" approach fairly often, it helps to disguise the spread and also means that I'm not betting one unit after every shuffle...

    In any case, it is nice to see wins like that. Offsets the other type of fluctuation that also happens. I won 200 units in about 1.5 hours earlier this year. I have lost 200 units a hell of a lot faster it seems. :)
  • Grifter- I only make that kind of money in December. Question: I
    know that you have played Kansas casinos and I think they have the
    same rules as Missouri. 500 loss limit and a tax on playing two hands.
    I played two Missouri casinos last wkend and could not get a clear
    answer from the pit on the two hand tax. Do you know the reason for
    that rule? makes no sense to me at all, so I figure it must be like
    the 500 limit, political and stupid.
  • What kind of tax is this? is it a percentage, a flat rate, what about spreading to three hands. Do they charge the tax on both hands if you play 2, or just on the second hand?

    Seems like a stupid idea to me. Wonder who the tax goes to? Directly to the state (I doubt it) or is it just a scam by the casinos? For example, several places I have played make you play double the table min on both hands if you play 2. I don't play 3 myself but I have seen people that do and I have seen them have to play 3x the table min to play 3. I suppose the idea is that if you take up two spots one of those "spots" would be played by someone that would not be betting the table min?

    Of course when I spread to two hands, I am not spreading to two hands at table min anyway so it has never been an issue to me. In a crowded store you generally can't spread anyway, and if there is an empty spot, it would seem to me that a min bet on that spot is better for the store than an empty spot...

    Perhaps they just do it because they can, and many will continue to play multiple hands anyway. Sort of like how they are getting away with the 6:5 crapjack games...
  • Ray, there is no $500 loss limit in the Kansas casino's, like Missouri has and you can play two hands for the table mimimum, if you want to.
  • Grif....I'm surprised to hear they have $3.00 tables at Laughlin. A $186 win is a wonderful feeling...continued success.

  • Jim - Actually it was the fifty cent ($0.50) tables, but my total win was 126 units (62 in the last 8 hands) so I had a monster win of over fifty bucks......And although I usually give all my winnings to charity, I held back $10 to buy you a discard tray and a bow tie. 8)

    Ray - I don't know the answer. I only played Missouri once just because I happened to be there on business. I would guess it is political, and those limits and taxes are a concession to the bluenoses to protect people from the excesses of "demon gambling"....but that is just a guess.

  • In Missouri if you elect to go to two hands, you must double the bet.
    Example: $10 table and if you go to two the second hand must be $20.
    Nothing that I can come up with explains that rule. Now the 500 lost limit
    is a political ploy for a conservative state and somewhat understandable,
    but the double if you go to two makes no sense at all.

  • I've played all the St. Louis casinos and I'm not aware of a written rule about playing two hands and having to double one. Most tables let you play 2-3 hands at the table mininum. However, if they are busy, short on staff, etc., then they enforce the rule if you play two hands, it has to be double the min. So if its a ten, table, its $20 a hand. If its $5 table, its $10.00 etc/ per hand.

    Both Harrah's and Ameristar are so competitve, if they are slow and have open tables, they don't care how many hands you play. So most of the time they don't enforce these rules. on the 21 +3 I've never seen them enforce it. So you could always get one of these table, just play straight BJ and not the $Poker hand. You could play multiple hands this way without having to pay double.

    Now the $500 limit deal is political. Basically it was the compromise between the religious factions and opponents of gambling when it was voted in. The limit is $500 per two hours of play. Its on the even hour.
    There are many ways around it. One is if you are going at 12 noon, show up at 11:45am, buy in for $500., then at 12:01pm you buy in for another $500. If you are down $1000 and its 12:15pm and you are at Ameristar, get in your car drive the 5 miles to Harrahs and start the process over.

    Supposedly its in the works to have this limit taken off very soon. The pain is not the limit thing. You guys can't imagine the time for buy-ins.
    Imagine sitting there on a roll, some guy jumps in. They swipe a card to see if the guy has a limit left. Many times these swipe machines malfunction or the card magnetic strip is worn. They call the pit boss over. These delays routinely happen.

    Lets just say this $500 limit deal is a momentum killer more than anything.
  • Wait, you actually buy in at the table in MO ?
    I thought that because of the 500$ rule you buy your chips for table games at a special cashier, and that slot play is restricted either with credit or by a more sophisticated player card...

    What about the IL side of the border? (assuming there is more than the Casino Queen around?)
  • You can buy in at the Casino Queen at the table or go to the cage. The only difference is; in Missouri you have the players card that must be swiped prior to receiving chips. No card, no chips. No money showing on the card, no chips.

    Show you what a pain it is. You need the card to enter the casino. On the night of daylight savings I happened to enter before the time switch. Later when I needed chips..(after the time change) it wouldn't read my card. I literally had to grab my card, walk out the door and re-enter the casino.

    Imagine all of the people that enter for $10, $20, etc. They buy in for $20 at a $10 table. Lose two hands. Then buy in again. The difference is they must swipe the card each time. The delays are aggravating!
  • Phlegm said:

    Imagine all of the people that enter for $10, $20, etc. They buy in for $20 at a $10 table. Lose two hands. Then buy in again. The difference is they must swipe the card each time. The delays are aggravating!

    Why don't they switch to chip purchase at the cashier's, the way that in most Vegas casinos you purchase starter's chips?

    And I thought PA had ineffective systems...
    (We have a very backward state when it comes to alcohol. For example, you can only buy six-packs at bars (unless you go to a distributor), but you can't buy more than a pack or two at the same time. So you have to go in, pay, take one pack, go out, go in, pay, take another pack, etc.). I found what a pain it was when I was hosting a series of Steelers parties this year. And it doesn't prevent PA from being on of the least sober states around.

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