FYI : Vegas Blackjack Table Minimums...
  • Las Vegas Blackjack Minimum Bets By Casino...

    One dollar minimums are nearly non-existent and two dollar minimums are also nearly gone.
    Three dollar minimums can still be found in many places off the strip, but five dollar minimums are the norm at most Strip casinos and ten dollars at the newer resorts.

    You will also find these Blackjack minimum bets on multi-deck shoe games only, for the most part. It will be nearly impossible to find them at single deck games and nearly impossible at double deck games.

    Bear in mind that these minimums can frequently be found only during off hours when the casino business is slow. As the tables fill up at night and especially on the weekends, these low minimums disappear faster than breath mints at a singles bar.

    At the luxury casinos on the strip, you will be hard pressed to find a $10 Blackjack table on weekends. $15 and even $25 minimums are becoming common at places like Caesars, the Venetian and the Bellagio. Needless to say, the Strip is not the place to cut your teeth on Blackjack.

    Here are the lowest minimum bets as of Fall, 2004 :

    $1 Minimum--------

    $2 Minimum--------
    Arizona Charlies Decatur
    Four Queens
    Nevada Palace

    $3 Minimum---------
    Boulder Station
    Casino Royale
    El Cortez
    Fiesta Henderson
    Gold Coast
    Imperial Palace
    Las Vegas Club
    Palace Station
    San Remo
    Santa Fe Station
    The Orleans
    Westward Ho
    Wild Wild West

    $5 Minimum-------
    Arizona Charlies Boulder
    Barbary Coast
    Circus Circus
    Fiesta Rancho
    Golden Nugget
    Green Valley Ranch
    Hard Rock
    Lady Luck
    Las Vegas Hilton
    Main Street Station
    MGM Grand
    Monte Carlo
    New Frontier
    Sam's Town
    Sunset Station

    $10 Minimum --------
    Bally's Bellagio
    Caesars Palace
    Mandalay Bay
    New York New York
    Treasure Island

    Also, there are some excellent Blackjack opportunities in Laughlin, which is one of my personal favorites fwiw.
  • only thing I would add is to avoid the Barbary. They'll 86 you for winning, whether you are counting or not. Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt. :)
  • Which website printed it ?
  • Sahara and Slots-of-fun are now 3$ minimum even on a lazy weekday morning.

    Bellagio has 5$ tables during the weekdays around noon but I would stay away from them, maybe it's from seeing Ocean eleven, but that seems like a candidate for a place with enough AI to spot any count even if you spread 1:2
  • I like Slot-of-Fun...relex, drink a dozen beers and enjoy the day. I really enjoy watching the cast of characters playing and

    Best, Jim
  • jimpenn said:
    I like Slot-of-Fun...relex, drink a dozen beers and enjoy the day. I really enjoy watching the cast of characters playing and

    Best, Jim

    Slots-of-fun in the mornings in March is nice because it's opne to the outside... But I'm not sure it's such a good idea in the summer. I'm going to be in Vegas in June, any chance their AC can take it ? The whole building looks like it'll get torn down.

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