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  • Has everyone quite posting here?

    I tried playing the green chips a couple of day ago with two decks. I had been playing 6 decks with red. However, I did better playing 2 decks with the green. What is good strategy for the decks to play anyway? Thanks, Joyce
  • Remember that Blackjack has a lot of deviation in the short run. For example, in some conditions if you count cards in a way that ensures +16$ /hr in the long run, you'll be about 600 more or less from it in the short run. So don't assume that double-deck would always be better. In fact, if you do not count the cards, it might not be worth it because you may get unfavourable rules that negate the advantage of double deck.

    Anyway, enough rambling and to your question: WizardOfOdds offer the basic strategy cards for 1/2/4/5+ decks:
  • Cjoy - The number of posts usually drops off as soon the weather gets warmer, so this summer will probably no exception. I personally didn't post much in April because I was in casinos 15 of the 30 days. :wink:

    Your answer to the strategy to be used in choosing the number of decks to play is pretty straight forward......"Play the game with the lowest house edge that is within your bankroll." The key words are "within your bankroll".

    In the better places on the strip for instance, double deck is still the best game to play, but the table minimums will usually be $25 to $100, which is simply too steep for many/most casual and beginning players.

    Conversely, many places are now setting the rules for their 2D and 6D games to give roughly the same house advantage (downtown LV as an example)........In this case, just pick the game where you are most "comfortable", either pitch or shoe; and play perfect basic strategy of course.

  • I was told by one of the dealers that I want to go over to the $25.00 table as I know Basic Strategy. Some of us were complaining because other would not use Basic Strategy. I did just that after a bit of conversation. However, I was not there but for a few mintues and had $1,500 in front of me and I started out with $300.00. I was impressed to say the lease as this was my first time at a $25.00. The next morning I went to the $25.00 table and ended up with $2,000 in front of me and I started out with $300.00.

    However, I sat my butt there and lost and brought home $1,200 to the good. I have to tell myself, I will not broke the house and I need to just take a walk or nap and come back later after I build my pot. I plan on going back the last of the month and control myself better!!! There is greed in my heart or would not be there in the first place. Hopefully, I will do better the end of the month.

    I have learned so much from so many people including you guys, plus playing on my own, internet and books. I've started jotting down tid-bits down that really help me and read them off before sitting down at a table. Got to keep my mind

    Oh, by the way. I can not count cards at the $25.00 table as they turn the cards down..........chuckle I do this for recreation and want to keep my winnings aside from my other money just as a challenge. I look at this as a small business. After all, I am investing my money............LOL

    Have a good day and thanks.
  • Also, basic strategy for DD is a little different than for 6D.
    Does anyone know if $10 min. DD is still available downtown LV? I played this game at Fitzgeralds last July.
  • PJ - Yes, it is........most places DT in the mornings.
  • Cjoy,
    I had a similar experience last year at Hardrock. I walked in with $300, sat down at a 6 deck shoe game and nothing much happened for an hour. I noticed a $25 DD table to my right with one player. I moved over there and immediately began to pile up some green. Later the dealer began paying me blacks, I got nervous and decided to leave while ahead. Too bad it doesn't work that way more often.
  • Note that you _can_ count cards in a hand-held (face-down) game. Eventually the cards must be turned face up so that the "eye" can see them to prevent dealer/player collusion. You just have to develop a pattern to counting.

    For example, count your first two cards and the dealer up card. If a player just hits, the hit cards are dealt face up. Count them, but don't try to peek and count the face-down cards yet. If a player doubles he turns his two cards up (count them then) but the double down card is dealt face down. Ignore for now. Once your hand is counted, and the dealer completes his hand, watch him as he pays off each non-busted player, and when he turns the face-down cards over, count 'em.

    After a bit, you'll find that counting these kinds of games is just as easier or even easier than a face-up game, particularly shoe games where the pace can get a bit fast for the new counter. DD never gets very fast.
  • Stainless Steel Rat,
    I used to believe that a reason for face-down cards in hand held games was to discourage card counters. But since they are eventually flipped back over, what is idea behind face downs? I have also heard of some 2D games dealt from a shoe. I don't know about whether they were up or down.
  • I don't have a clue. I suspect it is to thwart counters, but it doesn't work. The casino either has to expose the cards so that the eye can watch to make sure the dealer is not paying off losing hands to an accomplice, or it has to take a bigger chance on the dealer ripping off the casino, just to thwart a card counter that might not even be at the table...

    I've played face-up double-deck games. Face-up solves the dealer cheating issue, it prevents card-marking since you don't touch your cards. And it makes the game go faster, which makes more money for the casino. Their paranoia is hurting their bottom line far more than counters are...

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