Bed Bugs at New York, New York...?
  • I had breakfast with a friend recently and he told me he overheard a conversation recently at a restaurant where two people were talking about hearing New York, New York Hotel Casino had bed bugs. "Your out of your damn mind", I told him. I said, your basing this on a conversation of a friend who heard it at a restaurant and you believe it?"
    "Yep, and I'm not going to stay there again." People today are damn right crazy anymore. I think New York, New York is a fine place, but if this is true I sure wouldn't advise counters to stay there because I believe it might effect their ability to keep the proper count with all that scratching and shit. If true it could also effect your ability to remember BS. Damn shame people start rumors like this. Some people will now actually believe it and maybe stay at the Plaza for a relaxing night's sleep. Please tell your friends that this is a rumor if they bring it up, and just in case tell them to cover themselves with vasaoline when they get into bed becaue I heard it will prevent them bugs from entering you and sucking your blood.

    Enjoy you day,

  • Personally, I've always been very satisfied with the reviews on (they also have a great vegas forum). I picked hotels around the country based on ther reviews there (And posted a lot of my own) and was very pleased.

    In any hotel visit there is a standard deviation, some people get much more than they bargained for, and others do not. The difference is that if you do get screwed up in a good place, you can complain

    I don't like the NYNY much. I found their dealers rude and haven't played there a second time although I realize that was just a sampling issue. Also, I feel that the decor lost a lot by not trying to give an "open-sky-feeling" with starts, painted skyscrapers or something like that. It reduces the claustrophobic feel of that place. That's what I like the most about Paris. (Though, of course, the least claustrophobic one is the luxor. Or maybe the most claustrophobic, Luxor reminds me of 'the fortress').
  • Ooh really is that true casino's even have bed bugs,I haven't heard anything before,as these bed bugs are found specially in homes.

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