server hacked
  • Our server was hacked last night and somebody replaced multiple webpages on this site and others with a sacrilegious image and message. We are still cleaning up and doing damage control. My apologies goes out to anyone who had to see that and I assure you we are doing what we can do address the issue.
  • At least in the past a hacker or a virus writer had to actually have some sense. Now it's just annoying little kids who download a hacking tool from the internet and try it on different sites.
    From what I saw last night, it looks like they left a link to their own website, which could easily be traced.
    Oh well, at least it was recovered fast.
  • thanks, neil........good job as usual.......grifter
  • Grifter- Are you thinking what I'm thinking or do I have a bias against
  • I thought the same thing immediately, Ray.......but now i'm beginning to doubt it.

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