High scores
  • Explain how someone could score in the 40's, even 50's, in the speed game with only 20 seconds on the clock. I can't even click my mouse that fast. Is there something I am missing? Thanks
  • Not sure how people get 50+ but my 40 was by hitting the mouse really quickly and having lots of "hit" hands (rather than split or double) so I didn't have to move the mouse too much.
  • You just haven't found the secret, and I'm not telling.
  • He can't be playing an honest game, can he? Pit bosses, beware!
  • HAR HAR!! :lol: :lol:
  • I can't believe Bug finally answered my post! :)
  • Har :)

    Say, what part of TX are you?
  • Bug,
    I am from Austin, and I also go to Lake Charles as often as I can. I don't particularly like the house rules, but it beats driving to Vegas. I'm pretty much a BS player and I've learned quite a bit from this forum about more advanced play, progressions, etc.
  • Bug, do you ever go to Harrahs? I think you're the guy who gave me grief over splitting 9's couple months ago! :cry:
  • Nope, not me :)

    Unless you did it against 10 or ace or against a 7 I'd frown :(


    Also, the next time you go up to Lake (Isle) lemme know. We'll have to BJ together!! Cool?

    Who do you go with and what transportation do you take?
  • Some dude saw me split 9's against a 4, said he never breaks up a "winning hand". Later he once maoned about me taking the dealer's bust card. He finally moved to a different table, to my delight. He must be a local. I've seen him there on at least three trips. (Oops, just noticed we're in the Game section. Sorry, everybody.)
  • Bug,
    See my response under "Shreveport/Bossier" topic.
  • Are highscores based on $$ won as well? I should be up on page 2 based on bonus round (hey i was proud to get there) but it's not posting..
  • ok i'm up there now, must take a little bit to update..

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