Hi-Lo Shortcut idea
  • Hey guys,
    I have just mastered basic blackjack strategy.. I've been to the casino a few times after i've mastered it I turned $20 into $130 and $100 into $300 a couple of nights. Now i've been trying to pratice countings. It is difficult for me and very hard to keep track of the count. I'm trying to figure out a shortcut to coount cards. 6 deck shoe if i'm assuming correctly has 120 face cards 10-Ace. I'mt rying to figure out a way to count down from 120 i'm wondering if that would work any ideas??? let me know asap. thanks
  • Hi-Lo depends on two things. Number of face cards and number of small cards (2-6). If you just count face cards, you treat the small cards and the 7,8,9 equally, which is not correct.

    The way to do this is to simply learn hi-lo. It is not that difficult. If you really want to learn, practice daily. It won't take long before you can count down that six deck shoe in 100 seconds, which is way more than enough speed to play in a casino.

    Probably the best training tool is available at www.qfit.com, CVBJ. It will drill you, and let you play while watching your every play and bet to be sure you are varying according to the correct true count, etc.

    The "10's count" idea was originally proposed by Thorp, and it will work, but Hi-Lo is more accurate because it counts high and low cards, and weeds out the more neutral cards (7,8,9).

    Remember how long this stuff has been around. Beat The Dealer is a 1964 era book. That is over 40 years ago. Card counting has had plenty of time to mature. Short-cuts are very difficult to come by.
  • Hello, i've tried there software their basic strategy rules is way off and I have it set correctly to the rules my basic strategy sheet where I got from wizards of odds. its telling me to double down on a 9 in a 6 deck shoe when dealer showing me a 8 and my chart says to hit.
  • No, CV does not tell you to double down with 9 vs. 8. Note: CV does not default to basic strategy. It defaults to HiLo. If you wish to use basic strategy, use the Strategies menu to select it.
  • Mighty-joe:

    I think Norm figured out your problem. If you use complete-hilo with all indices, there is a BS departure for 9 vs 8 when TC is +7. It will want you to double.

    If you are just playing, click options, strategies, basic playing strategy, and then pick "basic strategy" to get off of the complete hilo strategy. Now the count won't matter and you will be playing using normal BS for the rules you have chosen.

    I use this program daily, but I don't use "full indices" as there are way too many that I won't be using most of the time and I am not going to waste time learning the really negative indices for shoes when I will be MIA at a TC of -1 or less...
  • In many ways, full table or full hand counts are more important than counting individual cards. Usually you will simplify counting at the table by looking at something like K23Q and realizing it's just 0.

    If you are practicing, start not with a computer program but rather with an actual deck of cards. Practice a while focusing on the cards, (have someone else do it for you). Then, sit and try to count while you are watching TV. Anything that doesn't require too much concentration (e.g., evening news, american idol, commercial break, etc.) is a good chance to practice.
    If you just count the deck every time there's a commercial break, you'll be good in a week...
  • Thanks for all your guys help I was up about $230 at the blackjack table tonight but then I hit a dry run and lost it all I need to start counting to know when to bet big. I'll try to pratice for a few weeks. Basic Strategy does work just need to know when to bet big..

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