Splitting 8's
  • I know, I know. Always split 8's. But why is this a good play against a 10?
    Two 18's don't beat a 20. Why not just hit the 16?
  • Split the 8's or hit them, both are losing hands, BUT you will lose less, by splitting the 8's, than by not splitting them.
    The dealer will not "always" have the face card under the 10 and you will not "always" wind up with two 18's. Two hands of 8 are better than one of 16. Split the 8's.....
  • If he'd think back, I'm sure he'd recall occasions where one 8 got a 10, the other eight got a 3, he doubled and won. The DAS really helps, although even without it, at least one of the 8's could turn into something good, unless he's counting cards and the count is high...
  • "Always" is a poor term here.

    You don't split 8's against an Ace in a 6-deck hit soft 17 game if surrender is offered.

    Also if there is no hole card it is a bad idea to split 8's against a Ten since you could potentially bust both hands against a dealer blackjack.
  • Jason – 8,8 vs 10 is a hand that seems to get a lot of posts on any blackjack site, but it is not very significant in the ‘big picture’ because of the relatively few times it occurs.

    Of course the correct answer is to split, but here are the “numbers” and you can draw your own conclusions, and play it the way you want.

    If you are a $5.00 bettor, the following applies to 8,8 vs 10:
    - If you split, you will lose about 23.6 cents/hour (-$0.236)
    - If you surrender, you will about 24.5 cents/hour (-$0.245)
    - If you hit, you will lose about 26.4 cents/hour (-$0.264)
    - If you stand, you will lose about 26.7 cents/hour ($0.267)

    Hope this clears it up for you.

  • Yes this helps. Thanks for the g00t replies.
  • Skunk said:
    "Always" is a poor term here.

    You don't split 8's against an Ace in a 6-deck hit soft 17 game if surrender is offered.
    Just to clarify, you surrender in that case, not hit as the original poster suggests as the alternative to splitting.
  • Surrender pair of 8's against an A in H17.
  • Hi!

    I live in europe, where Casinos usually play bj accordingly to the London deal. In US I know u have the Nevada deal.

    I ve read a book about this game (Pocket guide to gambling, by David Spanier). In this book there are charts when to split. Spanier says alwys to split 8:s in Nevadadeal. In the London deal, 8:s should only be split when the dealers upcard is 2-9.

    Can anyone please tell me why u should split 8:s against a 10 in the Nevadadeal, it doesn t make sence to me.... :!:
  • If you scroll up four posts from here you will find the answer in Grifter's response. It's all in the numbers. Having 8"s against a dealer 10 is a losing situation, but you lose LESS by splitting.
  • but how about for dealer got A ?

    i have open another new topic for this ,

    i saw the strategy say 8s even should spilt for dealer got A

    will it more chance for lost one more bet ?
  • Answer is still the same for 8"s against aces. You lose less by splitting.

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