How often do streaks occur
  • Two family members play the streak side bet at Blackhawk in Co. so
    I tried to figure their chances:

    An earlier post by Midnite describes the following:

    Probability of loss in a row

    2 in 3 hands
    3 in 8
    4 in 18
    5 in 38
    6 in 81
    7 in 168

    If these numbers are correct you should be able to figure the probability
    of wins. (they look reasonable to me)

    For example:

    52.5 is to 3
    47.5 is to X

    The number for 2 wins in a row works out to be 3.3 vs dealer 3

    The number for 7 in a row is approx 185 vs dealer 168

    I don't have the payoff schedule so I can't comment further.

    Does this make sense?

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