Las Vegas Trip Report (preliminary)
  • I'm sitting at the airport now waiting for my flight out, so I'll file a brief report, I'll post more tomorrow.

    Low limit blackjack (5-25) in Vegas seems to be in a pretty bad shape.
    H17 is almost everywhere. Zombie single deck is becoming more and more prevalent and people are flocking to it. In fact, I think I've seen the harbingers of the future: Excalibur's single deck is now 6:5 with no DAS and Double on 10,11 only! Worse than that, O'sheas (for those who know the dump, it's near Harrah's) is now offering 6:5 on all tables, INCLUDING shoes. Yes folks, you have it right, 6:5 on a shoe game. Also, some places (including Ellis Island) have even money on single deck blackjack.

    For the good news: there are decent (relatively) double-deck games downtown. I didn't count (not enough bankroll for a meaningful spread) but the pit is pretty attentive in most places so I wouldn't try without a big The best game is at the Plaza, which is the only S17 game I've seen around, and on a 2D DAS. This is followed by Vegas Club which offers H17 on same conditions, and by four queens where there's no DAS.

    The coast casinos (Orleans, Gold Coast) are H17 and don't peek on 10.

    I'll update more tomorrow. I've played BJ in at least 18 different places so I have some condition details.
  • Did you check out Mandalay Bay or Bellagio? They had decent games July last year.
  • PJ said:
    Did you check out Mandalay Bay or Bellagio? They had decent games July last year.

    Not really.
    As I mentioned, I played very low limits (5-20 on a 5$ table) since my bankroll was extremely limited for this trip. So MB and Bellagio were out of my league. Actually, I did play a few hands at the Bellagio while resting from the Buffet (which went downhill) at a 5$ table, but that was a CSM table. The Dealer told me that the 10$+ tables have the same rules though (i.e., H17).
  • Sounds much like my report from June 5 "Vegas Trip Report -- Most Games NOT Worth Playing".

    Only decent games were downtown with the Plaza having the best double deck.

    I also enjoyed the 4 Queens $5 single deck with "real" 3-2 BJ.

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