Introdution and Questions
  • First i would like to say that i was very pleased to find this site but confused that whenever i tried to login on forums, it would lead me to a page that states Error: 404. The same thing happened when i tried to post as a guest on the Blackjack Strategy so im going to post here where it lets me. Did anyone else get the same error and knows what i should do to fix it?

    Blackjack caught my attention a few weeks ago and ive been thinking about it since. Ive mastered basic strategy and ive practiced counting cards using Hi/Lo system. I understand i should increase my betting when the count is high and decrease my betting or leave the table when the count gets low but i am not sure about what kind of increase in betting i should do to maximize my chances but also not get the casino suspicious. I also have doubt in the Hi/Lo system and i would like to know what the best card counting system is, even if it is highly complicated.

    I want any kind of help i can get so please post a reply. Also if anyone has the patience to chat with me and answer my hundreds of more specific questions then please add my MSN, [email][/email]

    Thanks for reading, Tkatch

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