Yo Grifter...
  • I am going to Vegas for a week next week, and one side-trip we are making is down to Oatman, probably on Sunday, for a diversion to see the old gold mine, ghost town stuff, etc. Which appears to be close enough to make it worthwhile to swing thru Laughlin probably? If so, any good games you would point to there (I typically play $5-$40 for DD, and maybe $5-$20 or $10-$40 SD when I can actually find a decent SD game around. Any RO6 or RO7 games in Laughlin???

  • Yo SSR – Oatman is kind of a tourist trap, but it’s a neat old place. If your wife likes to buy “stuff”, she will be happy. I would recommend getting there early in the day if you can.

    I haven’t been over there for about six weeks, but the best double deck games then were at the Nugget and the Ramada (my ‘headquarters’ in Laughlin)….The only decent SD was at the Nugget. I didn’t play, but watched it for about ten minutes…..$25 min, there were two players, getting about 50%.

  • Thanks. DD's my choice most of the time anyway. SD can be a counter trap, or crapjack, or worse...

    "Does my wife like to buy stuff?"

    "Is a frog's butt watertight?"

  • SSR - I was told there was both single and double deck crapjack at the Edgewater, but I can't confirm that.....G.
  • I had heard of DD crapjack. Know of any crapjack shoe games? Not that I will be visiting there. :)

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