• you people on theese boards sometimes sound like a bunch of women scrambling. Myopnion card counting does work, YOu have to know basic strategy first. I memorized about all the charts for basic strategy not much changes maybe like 2 or 3. IMO card counting does work. I dont know why people are so hesistant and say it doesn't work. I have yet to master the skill of card counting where you look at 4 cards you automatically know the count but I can count down a 2 deck 100% less than a minute. Please tell me my next step so I just have to look at the cards and i'll know what the count is without thinking. thanks.....
  • :arrow: I counted cards once, There's 52 of them. :idea:
  • Mighty Joe,
    I'm not sure I understand your point or question. Yes, counting works. No, it can't be done without "thinking" or concentrating.
  • practice, practice and practice.

    And did I forget to mention practice?

    After you play enough, you will notice that you somehow "know" the total for the cards in your hand. And you will know "hit, stand split or double" without having to think at all. Keep practicing and before long you will be keeping the count the same way. When you can sit down and play holdem and find yourself thinking +5 at the river, you are "there". :)

    A good counting BJ program is essential to reach this level if you do not play at a casino at least a couple of times a week. With a good piece of software (, CVBJ is what I use) you can drive your counting ability incredibly high...

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