Info and suggestions: A.C. Hilton & Borgata 6 deck games
  • Ok. Now That I feel totally confident after my adventure in Vegas counting a 2 deck game, Im now back home (1 hr away from Atlantic City) and want to learn how to master a 6 deck game... maybe even 8. Theres not too many options as far as good games in A.C. ... actually theres zero options. All the games are pretty much trash. Single deck at 6:5 I was told many times is not worth it either. So I guess I'm stuck with a 6 or 8 deck game at 3:2 finding the best penetration??

    From black jack newsletters it came to my attention that the Borgata and the Hilton offer 6 deck games.

    In one post on this board I did read that Borgata burns a few cards off from the deck. Burning means that those are the cards that go in the discard tray? correct? IF thats the case and if thats true how do you factor that in to your counting? I am always use to one card being discarded. IF more than one card is discarded can someone explain (simply) as how you factor that in? I use the KO method so my RC would be at -20. If they don't burn more than one card then I guess I don't have to worry about it. Just curious.

    Any other advice that can be offered on these games would be appreciated as well.

  • burn cards are treated just like any other "unseen card". That is, assume they are behind the shuffle card. The only change is that if you see the "Harrah's shuffle" where they burn a major part of a deck up front, you have to factor that in to your discard tray estimation since that part of the discards should not be counted as discards, and should be treated as if they are stuck behind the shuffle card instead.
  • Anything that is majorly discarded I will treat as if its behind the shuffle.. okay I understand that.

    So if they burn as many as 30 cards off a 6 deck game do I factor them OUT of the game and slightly adjust my numbers? BUT you said treat them as if they are behind the shuffle card ... so actually they would be factored IN the game still and my numbers wouldnt change, right? *confused* :oops:

    Bear with my stupidity as I am not a math genius. I am just confused about this.

    Hopefully there won't be games in A.C. where I have to worry about that. But it always pay to be prepared. I noticed in their 8 deck games they only burn 1 card. Hard to imagine that they would burn more on anyother games. But I guess it happens? I just never seen it.
  • Suppose they burn 26 cards and then cut off 1.25 decks in a 6
    deck game. 1.25 + 26 cards=1.75 decks that are effectively unavailable.
    Look at the burn cards as an extention of the cards behind the cut card
    because all are unavailable. Just don't include them in your est of cards
    in the tray that have been played by players.
  • Ray's explanation was "spot on". I think this shuffle is meant to confuse new counters. If you forget about that 1/2 deck that was burned, your TC will always be someone over-estimated since you will have a smaller remaining-decks estimate than what is proper because you are forgetting about that extra 1/2 deck in the discard tray that is effectively "cut off" from play.

    I played (one round) in a DD game where the dealer shuffled, removed 2/3 deck and put it in the discard tray, then put the shuffle card 1/2 way into what was left, giving me effectively 2/3 of a playable deck in a 2 deck game. There you don't adjust the decks remaining at all. You leave the table. :)

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