Newbie Learning BS and Carnival Cruise
  • I'm new to this forum and BJ. I have been reading up on the Basic Strategy and using the Hit-or-Stand game with the coaching tutorial deal.

    I will be going on a cruse with Carnival Cruise lines. Does anybody know what rules they use? I see in the various charts some differences. IF nobody knows and I only have time to learn one, which would you go with...LasVegas rules or Atlantic City rules? Any ideas on probability for which one they use?

    Also, I think there are only a few variations as far as BS goes for different rules. Using the tutorial game in Normal Mode, I'm usually getting between 95% and 100% correct. Since I've learned how to READ the chart, I can get 100% all the time if I use it during the game. Going from memory, I do make some mistakes.

    Does anybody have any good ideas for how to REMEMBER the BS? I just keep practicing.

    DUMB QUESTION, but I've never played...Can you take the chart with you and use it as a cheat sheet while you play?

    Thanks for any advice to a newbie.
  • I'm not sure about the Carnival Cruise rules but, a good way to memorize basic strategy is to actually write out the chart yourself. The first few times you do it, you'll have to check some to see what the correct move is but after a while, you'll figure out what the "patterns" are. Once you can fill out a BS chart without cheating, you'll have it memorized.

    And then practice some more.

    And casinos don't mind if you bring a chart with you as long as you're not slowing the game down. They probably assume you can't be a counter if you don't even know BS. But just "knowing" it is a lot better than checking a card all the time.
  • A good way to learn is the hit-or-stand game here on this site. run it over and over. Or get a program like CVBJ ( and run the BS drill over and over. It will correct you every time and before long, you will hae it all down 100% cold...

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