Where to sit
  • Where is the best place to sit for a newbie playing blackjack for the first time?

    I'm thinking I should try to sit to the dealer's farthest right as that would give me more time to decide on my initial play.
    Is this correct?
  • Yes, however, be ready for some harsh remarks from other players who may think you are affecting the outcome of play such as, "What did you hit for? You took the dealer's bust card!"
  • My standard reply is "there's plenty of tables where I'm not playing at".

    And then do your best to ignore the ignorance.
  • Another good one: "When you give me some of YOUR chips, I'll play the way YOU want me to!"
  • It is always better to sit with decent players and not more than 2 others beside you. Most strategies are developed including 3 players only.
  • What "strategies" are you referring to? For the typical basic strategy player, it makes no difference which seat is occupied. There is no advantage or disadvantage. Also, I'd rather sit by a decent player any day as opposed to an indecent player! Finally, I used to prefer playing heads up with the dealer until I got burned one trip. Lately I have done better on a full table, but as I remember, my best wins were with one or two other players only.
  • Yeah. It doesn't matter where you sit. Just pick a seat and ignore all the "experts" that act as if to be experts sitting next to you at the blackjack table. Don't feel bad when you hit and people say "you took MY card" (thats stupid), or "why did you split those? the dealer would have busted and the whole table would have won" (thats stupid). You'll find that alot of inexperienced players play to save their measly $5 or $10 bet, so therefore they will try and tell you how to play your hand thinking it will benifit them greatly. Also disregard any comments on blackjack theories of the game that make their way around the table. More than likely they are un-true theories made up based on their luck in the past. I recommend you learn basic stratgey first before you go playing in a casino, this website is very good practice. After that then pick up a book on counting. Take it one step at a time. Come to the boards and ask questions if you are not sure. You can't learn everything all at once. It took me a few years and asking many questions before I got to where I am now.
  • z-man-
    you are right-for the new player who has just learned the game and basic strategy sitting at 3rd base gives you maximum time to think about what you want to do. good luck.
  • Thanks for all of your input. I'm still learning the Basic Strategy and practicing a lot here to get better at it.

    I do have the Hard Hands down pat, and getting better at the soft hands and pairs. I do make some wrong choices there sometimes.

    Still, I feel I will do better (at least lose slower) if I at least do SOME of the strategy correctly. I still have to make myself hit that 16 when I'm supposed to. I understand the logic and reason, but I have to make myself do it. Also, think I'm at least better off than using NO strategy.
  • Zman,

    Just keep playing the online game on this website. Soon, you'll master Basic Strategy and never blow those pairs or soft hands unless it's a brain fart, misreading a card or something. It'll be 2nd (or 3rd) nature and you won't have to think, you'll just react.

    Also, if you're goal is counting cards, you can start by picking up a deck of cards and practice counting down a deck while watching TV or something. Don't worry about how long it takes at first (I think I was around 50-60 seconds at first with my brain often going into brain lock), just commit to practicing a half an hour a day and soon you'll be surprised how fast you'll blaze through a deck or two.


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