BJ near NYC
  • I am going to be living in the NYC area soon. Without access to a car, my options for play are AC, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun via bus. I know AC sucks, but are the CT places any better? What about minimums... can I find $10 tables with decent rules in any of these places?

    PS - Just got back from MS Coast...trip report forthcoming.
  • As a CT resident I am partial to Mohegan. Foxwoods just seems too "stodgy" and dull. I know that's not a requisite for earning some money, but it's nice to feel good in the atmosphere you're playing in. Having said that, Foxwoods CAN be good in the early morning hours, 9, 10AM etc. Plenty of open. low minimum tables. Just a personal preference I guess, but I'd take Mohegan any day over Foxwoods. Foxwood's atmosphere, for whatever reason reminds me of a hospital, or some such sterile enviroment. far as $10 tables at MS, look far and wide. The place is most always crowded. If you're playing $25 min there should be no problem finding a seat.

    I try to alternate between the two, but I really like MS.

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