the most annoying blackjack "pro" ever
  • He arrives in his elegant suit ready to play some perfect blackjack,he opens up his own table and asks newcomers if they know how to play.Im thinking,hey this guy's a bit of a player.I knew id find out what type of player he was when i hit soft 18 aganst a 10,the guy nearly jumped across the table to deck me.Here are some of his classics."you shouldn't double soft aces,it's too risky you're not guarranteed"."dont double 10 against a 2,it's too risky"."never split 4s,it's like splitting 5s but even worse".the"even worse" part i love there.1 time when i was betting the minimum,i hit 16 v a 6,his reaction was priceless!what do u think i should say to this guy because he's really starting to frustrate me?
  • high-rollers can be ploppies. In fact, most are.

    I would ignore hm and play...
  • sounds like a ploppy in an elegant suit to me.
  • I love those guys...I've got 30 years of come-backs just itching to
    get out.

    Bad day today...lost money and the water pump went out on my car
    about fifty miles from home...stoped 5-6 times for water, but made it
    home ok. Some dayssss..............well, we all have them, don't we?
  • Somewhat related, but not much....

    I just got this note from and they told me that I can save
    32% on this book: "A Complete Idiots Guide to Gambling" By S. Wong.

    I wonder what he is up to....................
  • Tell the guy if he'd give some of his chips, you'll gladly play the way he wants.
  • Or: "There's plenty of other tables that I'm not playing at".

    My favorite.
  • If he did not leave after you hit a 16 vs a 6 then next time try splitting 10's :D
  • really drive him nuts when you have a minimum bet out and stand on a hard 9!
  • I would just say he is free to place bets for you if he'd like to play your hands.
  • My favorite is to split 9's against an Ace in S17 games... drives them up a wall.

    "But dealer has to stand with soft 17", I reply. " I can make TWO 19's instead of ONE 18."

    That has actually caused a few of them to think. I could tell from the rusty gears grinding.... or was it their false teeth? LOL
  • cheers,splitting tens always gets them going alright.But really i shouln't let the guy cost me any money even if i am betting the minimum.I might just stand on 4 or something for 1 last laugh.his face :evil: my face :P .I don't know should I sit too near him though because in the words of the great man himself,that would be"too risky"!
  • What's a ploppy?
  • a player that is rude, obnoxious, thinks he knows everything about the game, and tells everyone when they make a mistake. He often talks about people screwing up the flow of the cards, or about people taking the dealer's bust card, etc. He/she might or might not play correct basic strategy...
  • I have never heard the term "ploppy". Thanks for that. I usually play at Foxwoods in Connecticut and run into 'em all the time. Drive you nuts if you pay any heed. How such folks figure there is a "flow" to the cards I have yet to figure out and I have given up trying to explain probability to them.
  • Even week-days. I'm careful about playing with them. Some stand on 16 vs. 10 and don't hit 12 unless dealer shows a 7 or better. This type of ploppy generates a lot of small cards for the house, by not taking them.

    But the ploppy that hits 16 against a dealer 10, and hits 12 against a dealer 2 or 3 isn't that bad. At least they try for the small cards.

    Of course the correct play for Basic is to surrender 16 against a dealer 9, 10, Ace. And it IS offered at Foxwoods.

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