the bet lasts longer that way!
  • I was playing blackjack last night when a man next to me stood on 14 against a seven.I said in passing that maybe you should have hit that.his reply was"THE BET LASTS LONGER WHEN YOU STAND".I nearly burst out laughing in his face!Have any of ye come across such a bizarre reason for standing?
  • It comes down to the way you think. After several post by most individuals
    , how he thinks tends to seep thru. The reason a person does this or that is very much personality related. I have always thought that a good
    BJ book should have a section on self evaluation. Should I even consider
    going into a casino? Would I be a good poker player? Am I a loseraloic?
    Food for thought....not that it will change anything or anyone..........
  • Any chance the man was counting and the deck was quite rich?If the chances of a ten popping up on the next card were high,he may have made the right play,in his mind.
  • Don't be so quick to judge....

    Dealer 7 has only 4 cards to make 17 (10 or face)

    Player 14 has only 3 cards to make a good hand 5-6-7 (19,20,21) and 6 cards (8,9,10,J,Q,K) to bust him and leaving 4 cards that will do him little good (A,2,3,4).

    The best play in a situation like this is to just play ones own hand and not worry about the neighbor...

    Like my old Ole uncle told me..... His neighbor was laughing at him because he had driven by my uncles house on friday night and the drapes were open and he could see my uncle and aunt making love on the couch... My uncle laughed and said, "the jokes on you, I wasn't even home friday night".

  • unclenorm-Very well put, but for a large percentage of the players,
    feeling will always trump logic. If you could change that, BJ becomes
  • Seems like an old debate by now, but:

    stand on 14 against a 7: -0.4754
    hit on 14 against a 7: -0.3213

    Go crazy with the feelings if you want, but my advice: at least do it on closer plays. Hit the 13 against the 2, or maybe even stand on a 16 against a 7; but standing on a 14 against a 7 is even worse than hitting a hard 17 against an A.
  • He is right that his "Bet lasts longer". Only long enough until the dealer turns up the hole card. After so much of that kind of play, you see your bankroll last SHORTER!
  • "Any chance the man was counting and the deck was quite rich?If the chances of a ten popping up on the next card were high,he may have made the right play,in his mind."

    I am not a certified expert but I believe even in this case the gentleman's thinking was bizarre. If the deck had been 10 rich his best move would have been 'surrender' not 'stand'. He must have been merely "trusting to luck" in the hope that the dealer did not have a ten under the seven and would bust. In any case one can't find reasons for the irrational.
  • Thats assuming surrender was an option. In the last five years,I don't think I've seen that option offered in any casino I've played in. I know its not totally extinct,but surrender is certainly endangered.
  • NYB,early surrender was available.I'm not one of these people who's annoyed when someone makes these decisions I just thought it was amusing really.I never thought BJ players especially had"the bet lasts longer"mentality.
  • NYB:

    If your handle presumes New York.... come on up to Foxwoods/Mohegan, Surrender ain't dead yet. AND you get S17 to boot!

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