What A Long Day
  • I spent 6 hours playing today! I'm mentally whooped :| Had some great hands! Finally my first pair of split aces turned into double 21's, usually end up with another ace and a 3. :lol: I really picked some good oportunities to bet big or play a second spot which turned the day around for at times. Played at 3 different tables starting at 3rd base then 1st base....got killed there :x ...then second and back to third at times. I liked that position the best as sometimes I was the anchor man and sometimes I could relax. Overall I broke even. Was down $300 at lunchtime and took a comped lunch then went back at it with my last $90. Got it all back but holy what a ride!! Anyone else ever play for so long? Now I know why the dealer needs a break every hour! :lol:
  • Time slows down as you approach the speed of light. Just the opposite while playing blackjack. To me, six hours is not very long. I have had marathons much longer. Looking back, my most profitable experience was the day I took breaks every hour. I would take notes of session results, keeping track of everything. At the end of the night, I was ahead $1,100. Not too bad for a nickel and dimer like me. Wish they all worked out that way!
  • I think i will do the same as you and the dealers next time I have a free Saturday. The only problem with staying later is the table minimums start to rise and fill up. It then gets hard to find a $15 min table. I'm a nickle dime person untill the card count is rich and if the dealer is due for busting. $1100 is a good day man. I did that but took me 2 visits on 2 days. 1 hour average playing each time. I find a lot of this is when you hit a table or shoe and spot you have. You can get hot cards and pull 21's from 16's for only so long....then its back downhill :lol:
  • Moosehead,
    Do you really believe the dealer is ever "due for busting"? I have never heard of this before. What conditions determine this? Sure, on certain hands the dealer's bust percentage is greater.
  • Just like the dealer is going to get BJ's and make 20's from 16's, a dealer will bust. I think it was metioned in this forum the dealer bust rate over 1000 hands played is 25%. So I play the odds that if the dealer has made 5 hands in a row reagardless of my wins or losses the odds of him going to bust are getting higher with each new hand he wins. Thus I will add a 2nd spot or increase my bet size. Regardless of what the count is. If I see he has not busted in 7-8 hands...I will even stand on 16 at that point. I still try and let a little instinct and luck back into my game and not so much B/S 100% of the time. 8)
  • When Foxwoods first opened in 1992, I used to play mid-week overnites.
    3rd shift at the 21 tables. NO comp. Best nite was a $700 bring-in and a $3350 cash-out.

    Of the 34 sessions that year, 4 were losers. I had a 26-in-a-row, sometimes a $700 bring-in and a $800 cash-out. Most times a $1000 cash-out. All 4 losses were $700 wipe-outs (2 at 350 each). Sometimes I'd be down 1/2 and come back for that $100 gain... and I RAN TO THE DOOR. A few times I never looked back from a win. If I was hot, I stayed until I lost $100 (put 4 chips aside). Thats pretty much what it took to win that many consecutive sessions.
  • How long would you play on average? Any breaks? Would you change tables or spots? I find this is part of strategy too. Knowing when you can come back and when you have to split and how long to stay if the going is good :D
  • I'll remind everyone of one great "21 truth". If your goal is to win most sessions, that is pretty easy to do. Variance guarantees that you are going to be up and down all over the place, and on occasion, you will be up at some point in a session. If you quit there, you will have more + setssions than - sessions. But then there are the sessions where you lose off the top and never go +.

    But, the bottom line is, no matter whether you play 100 hours straight, or you play 1 hand per session, or something in between where you quit when (if) you are ahead, your EV is _exactly_ the same. You are just making it take longer to get to the "long run" to hit your EV.

    Quit playing if you are tired. Or if you have other plans. Or if you want to do something else. Don't quit just because you are ahead. It won't change a thing, in terms of dollars won or lost.
  • Most times all nite. Midnite to 6 or 7AM. Usually two breaks with table change. Very crowded then, as it was the only game in town. Sometimes I only played 2-3 hrs. By 4AM things eased up a bit. Table pricing didn't drop until 7AM.

    Some nites, the poker list was shorter than the wait for a 21 table. And some nites I DID play poker for a few hours before sitting at a 21 table at 4-5AM... it was that busy. 3/6 Hold'em if anyone cares.
  • Nickels - Yep, Hold 'Em is a very good money game right now. I play about 10-15 hours a week. If you have the huge amount of patience it takes to play it well, IMHO it is easier to make money with poker than it is at blackjack right now.....simply because of all the newbies and television watchin' wanabees who don't have a clue about hold 'em basic strategy.

  • The new mantra at poker "Rags to Riches", after all a 3-7 off won the title...sigh.

    I've watched a lot of $$$ games at paradise, where the players are reportedly better. And the new mantra prevails. Imagine a 4x raise with Aces against TWO people with rags pre-flop... and they've been doin' the raising. Sheeeezzz.... and they win !!!
  • You'll have to translate for me -- what's a rag? and shouldn't the guy with two aces raise?
  • Rag hand basically 2 cards under 10 not of the same suit. (9-5, 7-3, 2-6, etc). Good hands are pairs and any 2 cards 10 or better. Some also play cards like 7-8 suited and 6-7 suited and 8-9 suited... these will do good on "bad rounds" (others hold 2 high cards but low cards fall on the table).

    The person with AA called every raise. (This determined at the end of the round.)

    The second mantra... "Poker happens". :shock:
  • Moosehead said:
    ...I think it was metioned in this forum the dealer bust rate over 1000 hands played is 25%. So I play the odds that if the dealer has made 5 hands in a row reagardless of my wins or losses the odds of him going to bust are getting higher with each new hand he wins... 8)

    Hey, I thought this was supposed to be an intelligent blackjack forum? The above concept is completely wrong. Yes, the dealer will bust approximately 25% of the time, but the past means nothing. So he hasn't busted five or six or even seven times in a row. That doesn't change anything. The chances of him busting the next hand remain the same... approximately 25%.

    Moosehead's statement is like saying that a roulette ball should fall in a red slot about 47% of the time. (True.) If if doesn't for five spins in a row, then the odds are higher that it will with each new hand. That also is completely untrue. The roulette wheel has no memory. The odds on each spin are exactly the same as the last spin.

    Now, if the dealer hasn't busted for five hands in a row for a reason... specifically because a lot of low cards have appeared during those hands, THEN you have a legitimate reason for stepping up your bet, since the count now many favor doing so. But stepping up your bet simply because the dealer is "due" to bust is the fastest way to the poorhouse.

    Read this article, specifically the third to the last paragraph, which says exactly the same thing:


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