On Line Casino Report
  • I have now played on line for over 2 months keeping records. Results are as follows all numbers in UK Pounds:
    Hands played: 27100
    Time: 75 hours 360 hands per hour
    Amount bet: £122,000 average bet £4,50
    Net win: £321 .26%
    Win including casino bonusses: £461 .38%
    Casino is William Hill (UK based) 8 decks Vegas rules shuffle after each hand.
    I play strict basic strategy. 5 hands against dealer, for any winning hand progression $2 3 4 6 9 16 19 58 40 55 70 85

    If the casino is fair, I should be loosing .5% or £610

    If the above is stastically significant why is this casino giving money away?
    I wonder if anybody have had similar experience?
  • Congrats on your winnings.

    To answer your question, you'll have to clear something up, though. Did you win 321 pounds or 321%?

    After that, who knows the bell curve for basic strategy? I'm not sure what the p-value is for your winnings, but I'm sure someone will know. Basically, they can give you the percentage of time your result will occur given the EV and variance.
  • The answer Im sorry ro say is only £321
  • Just curious...how much of your winnings have you collected (i.e received a check) or have you just left it in your account for further play.
  • Whenever winnings are £150+ I leave £50 in the casino account and bank the rest W Hill use he UK SWITCH banking system in which the money gets in your bank account that day. I wont play until Dec 1st when I will get my £25 monthly bonus.
  • No one's responded. I don't remember the math exactly to figure it out, but the standard deviation of BS is on wizardofodds.com. Rat, maybe you can help out? From my recollection, with the standard deviation, the EV, the amount bet, and # of hands, we should be able to get a confidence interval.

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