lifetime profits on blackjack
  • i started playing blackjack regularly about two months ago,but despite mastering basic strategy and becoming a reasonably compotent card counter,i still show minimal profits.what have ye made over the years in blackjack?do ye view it as a bit of fun or do ye see it as a means to make substantial profits?
  • Fun only for me.

    After two months, you can't expect to show a profit with variance playing a part unless you are varying your bets so much that the casinos are going to pick up on it. Making a profit at blackjack with counting takes a long long time, I'm afraid.
  • Since 1980, ahead a medium 5-figure amount.... thats right 25 years worth. I consider it a hobby after the expenses.
  • Since I got serious and learned BS,basic card counting and the importance of finding the right table/game-I'm up quite a bit. Certainly not enough to make a living,but when you add in the free rooms,meals,gifts and shows,its a great part-time job.
  • Its recreation for me mostly. As long as I have money in my KITTY I'll play on average 2X a week. Once its gone, it will be once a month. Don't expect to win large...that leads to the dark side :lol: :twisted: If you come out ahead then you have done better then most do. Just ask the dealers they know :wink:
  • I don't know about lifetime, but I did start tracking it and recording each session a little over two years ago. In that time, lots of winning and lots of losing sessions, but I'm up a total of almost $2,000 for about 45 trips.
    Certainly not enough to make a living, so it's recreation. I like to get at a good table where everybody is getting along (and, for the record, I could care less if they're good or bad players because I've found dumb plays "save" the table just about as often as they kill it).
    I'm no high-roller and I don't count -- that would be work.
    I play the 10-15-20-25 progression. My guess is that over time flat betting would work just as well (or bad), but the progression does keep your attention and make it more interesting.
    The trips:
    Money Finish +/- TOTAL
    IN With
    100 300 200 200
    200 308 108 308
    200 408 208 516
    200 405 205 721
    100 405 305 1026
    240 10 -230 796
    200 0 -200 596
    420 0 -420 176
    100 400 300 476
    340 345 5 481
    400 205 -195 286
    100 608 508 794
    100 0 -100 694
    200 458 258 952
    100 307 207 1159
    100 0 -100 1059
    220 7 -213 846
    300 305 5 851
    100 607.25 507.25 1358.25
    100 200 100 1458.25
    300 0 -300 1158.25
    100 400 300 1458.25
    100 200 100 1558.25
    200 0 -200 1358.25
    200 0 -200 1158.25
    200 0 -200 958.25
    100 0 -100 858.25
    200 405 205 1063.25
    480 310 -170 893.25
    100 620 520 1413.25
    100 215 115 1528.25
    175 10 -165 1363.25
    175 295 120 1483.25
    200 7.5 -192.5 1290.75
    100 205 105 1395.75
    100 305 205 1600.75
    100 300 200 1800.75
    300 540 240 2040.75
    250 0 -250 1790.75
    100 2.5 -97.5 1693.25
    220 330 110 1803.25
    100 205 105 1908.25
  • FunkyChicken said:
    After two months, you can't expect to show a profit with variance playing a part...

    I had an interesting experience with variance during my last trip to Vegas.
    I usually play five or ten dollar minimum tables, but at one point I sat down at a twenty-five dollar table and cashed in one-hundred dollars (just four green chips). I then caught a run of good cards and proceeded to turn my one hundred dollars into eight hundred dollars (using basic strategy and a betting progression, no counting). :)
    However the next day I couldn't win at all and gave six hundred of it back. :mad:

    Another interesting story about variance, my buddy always make friends with the dealers and pit bosses. When he told the pit boss about how my (and his) luck had started great but turned sour the pit boss told him that when he used to be a pit boss at the Paris casino a local lady came in one night with three thousand dollars and played all night turning it into $1.6 Million! I was amazed and said, "a million dollars?" and the pit boss corrected me, saying "no, one-POINT-SIX million dollars!". He then added, "and she gave every penny of it back....this town is FULL of stories like that".
  • 1. My biggest win came late in the Summer of 04. My son and I had traveled to Mobile, AL, to visit an outboard motor salvage yard. I needed a new gear case for my Merc 200, and they said they had 7 in near-perfect condition. I headed down with $3000, expecting to pay around $1000 for a used gearcase, but if none were available, a local mercury dealer had a new one he would sell me for about $2700 or so.

    Off we went, early on a Friday morning, and when we arrived, he showed me several gearcases and said "look and let me know." I took the bearing carrier/propshaft out of the first, and it looked brand new on the inside. I asked "how much". He thought and said "$700. they are not moving very quickly this time of the year."

    We were done and my son said "hey, we are about an hour from Biloxi, let's go over and play some blackjack. Sounded good, so off we went and stopped at the Beau Rivage first, intending to hit the Copa in Gulfport later as they had a good SD game there also. But at the Beau, I found a $25 min table with one player that was going ape spreading from $100 to $1200, but he was not counting, at least by any system I recognized. I sat down, bought in, and started winning (this was a DD game with good rules except for no LS). Count didn't do much for 3-4 shuffles, but I simply could not lose. Every double paid off, splits worked, an occasional stiff loss, but before I knew it my $300 (or so I am not certain now) turned into $1500 very quickly (I was playing one hand, my son was playing 1, but he "knew" what to do as I raised my bets). He kept up with our original plan, but I switched from 1-8 green to 1-4 black, and nothing changed. Against better judgement, but at the urging of my son, I changed that to $200-$800, and the cards kept falling. In about 1.5 hours my $300 turned into almost $10,000. Having a long drive home, we decided to skip the SD at the Copa and head back. As we drove up, so did my wife, just getting home from work. She asked "any luck on the motor part (she wouldn't know a gear case from a spark plug)?" I said yep, got it for a steal. She said "good, you have 'change' left over? (with a grin)". I said yep, and first counted off $2300 from the original $3000 we took down there. She said "wow, good deal." I then went to my other pocket and started counting Ben Franklins into her hand. By the time I got to 90 of them she looked at me quizically, said "you bastards, you went to the coast didn't you?" (again with a grin). I ducked, answered "yes" and went to repair my boat for a fishing trip the next day. :)

    I had another session like that in Vegas at the B.C., except again a $25 table, with no + count, and I again won most every hand for about 15 minutes. I had bought in for $200, and by the time I got to about $1200, there was a "tap" on my shoulder. I was booted (much to the embarassment of my wife) never having done a thing but bet $25 on each hand waiting for a + count to raise my bet. I figured that they didn't like winners period, not necessarily not liking card counters...

    Another one:

    I used to play the Copa's single deck and double-deck games regularly (they had a LS DD game that was very good, and a SD game with good rules but mostly using a cut card rather than RO6 (I did play RO6 there once, but that's beside the point here. Over time I had done pretty well there, and on the DD game I mostly played, I spread 1-8 ($5-$40) to 1-10 ($5-$50) and had not had any problems of any kind. A couple of weeks prior to Katrina, I went down to a meeting and several of the people there were personal friends of mine. One, who is fairly wealthy said "hey, show me how this counting stuff works, let's go play blackjack..." I replied "sorry, but I didn't bring any gambling money, not knowing I would have a chance to play." He said "no problem, I'll bankroll you and if you win, we split the winnings, if we lose, won't cost you a cent." Hard to turn that down, so off we went and I suggested the Copa knowing the DD/LS game was there. Only problem was he wanted to play $25 mins and went in and asked for a "private game" for the two of us, $25. OK, off we go. Only this was done "spur of the minute" and I didn't give much thought to the consequences.

    Off we go, me spreading $25-$200, my friend betting wildly, but always betting more when I was betting up, and always betting lower when I was betting lower. We played for an hour, I was up about $800, he was up a couple of hundred, and I thought it time to leave, since I have always played by the rule "one hour per session max, at a given pit."

    Week prior to Katrina, I had gone down to help family prepare, took them some plywood (impossible to get on the coast the week before Katrina) and so forth. Brother said "OK, let's hit the coast, we are done with all this nailing and stuff" so off we went. Got to the Copa again, sat down, bought in, and before the first hand was completed, "tap... Sir, will you step away from the table?" You know the rest. I assume is was the spreading $25-$250 that did me in, as it was stupid to play at that level with that kind of spread. Only good news is that they might have lost their "personna non gratia" list during the storm. When they re-open, I plan on finding out. :)

    Moral of story number 2 is that the same spread at red won't draw near the same attention that spread at green will attract. I'm guessing that a video "skills check" after the next-to-last session did me in, as they were waiting. A friend of mine reported a similar event, although he spreads mostly red, but gets away with $5 to 2x$60 somehow at the same place. Or at least he did. Might be they bought some new software to let the eye people pick out counters (blackjack voice survey or something similar) easier.

    Moral of story #1 is that I played pretty stupidly. It was just as likely that the "big winning streak" was about to end just as I ramped up to black, which would have quickly wiped out a nice win. But luckily (and I _do_ mean luckily) it didn't happen. And I haven't let my son talk me into playing above my bankroll on hand since...

    I'm sure most that have counted for a few years have similar stories to tell, fortunately I don't have any "ugly" things to report, other than the near-miss at the BC in Vegas. They asked me to follow them to the back to sign something and have my picture taken. I declined. They insisted. I'm not big, but I am not a 140 pound guy either, so when they asked again and then said "sir you must follow us." I simply stood up, looked the guy right in the eye and said "you can try to make me, if you so choose, but the moment you touch me, all rules are off." He asked "what are you saying?" With my wife hanging on my arm, I simply said "if you touch me, your next meal is going to come through a plastic tube..." My wife turned pale, but I simply turned with her walked over to the cashier (with the suit and security guy sputtering and reading something to me that I ignored) and then left. Never been back. But no way I am going to follow some thugs out of sight.

    My wife was _not_ amused, either with the BC or with me. :)

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