Trip Report
  • Played an afternoon and evening session at a river boat with four floors.
    I used the A/9 count that we talked some about in another post. Guess
    what? Man, it is even better for backcounting than I expected and so easy
    to see the cards compared to convential methods. I played 25 dollar
    tables exclusively and had no reason to do otherwise. Two of the tables
    backed up to a craps table at angles and you could stand there watching
    the craps action and count both tables with ease. The first session I won
    500.00 in 4.5 hrs. but, much of my time was not playing. After dinner, I
    walked around and took a closer look at this place. It's huge and even
    though they call it a way....if that dude floats, then my name
    is "Columbus". The evening session went much better, even when I traded
    back and forth/up and down for the first hour or so. I won 750.00 in
    no more than 1.5 hrs. The 1250.00 that I won was all right, of course,
    but, the discovery of a new and viable tool was far more important to
    me. You could say I had "FUN" on the way home........

    I tested the A/9 using 3 decks.....count down two and check the third
    for weight +,-,N. It works!! Also, in two days I could count down a deck
    in 20 sec. and sometimes less(I can tell you how to do that). Anyone
    that reads this forum can become a card counter in a reasonable time
    using the A/9 method. Another thing that makes it even more
    attractive is the fact that you can do it in stages that allows you to put
    it to use in short order. There are no excuses now!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ray
    Could you recapitulate the A/9 count, or point us to the post where we can review it, sounds like an interesting trip. Thanks
  • This post has to do with the ability to count a deck of cards in a specified amount of time. Supposedly the faster the better. I've seen posts where someone would say, "I counted down a deck in 23.5 seconds". Now I see a post that says, "I counted a deck in 20 seconds". For the life of me, I can't understand why it so important to almost put a stopwatch to counting down a deck of cards. Now, I play only in Atlantic City, at the Taj Mahal. They offer only 8 deck games. I never play head to head. Matter of fact I prefer a full table. Each player is given 2 up cards. After the players have been given their first 2 cards,, first base has to decide what to do. Then the guy to his left, and so on until it gets to third base. By this time, this particular hand could take from 60 to 90 seconds with all the figuring and talk that goes on. Given all these situations I am greatly puzzled why counting a deck in 20 or 25 seconds is so important.
  • Doc and Ted, It's under my money post Doc. My first thoughts were
    something for my daughter and her husband; something that they could
    learn and use. Then came the idea of backcounting, because of card
    recognition. Fred, commented about my thoughts in a much earlier
    post and suggested that this concept could evolve. When you skip
    thru the post, just try to pick out my responses. Thats not to say that
    mine are all important, it just gets you there.

    Ted, speed can be equated to confidence and think time. For example:
    Just how well do you know basic strategy? Under the gun you can't
    think, you must know, automatic, etc. But, we all have mental blocks
    and speed helps that situation more than you think.

    I hope this helps.

  • I had a good trip. It went way better than it should have. Five hours of play and up 82 units. Makes you want to hurry back. :wink: The BJ tournament didn't go as well. I missed a couple of big bet doubles, in the last few hands and then bet it all on the last two hands. I won them both, but still fell a little short. They had a new dealer and he was a cut up, so it was a fun table. Side note : Older gent playing BJ and when he leaves the table the dealer asked "how old do you think that guy is ?" I said "I don't know, early 80's"
    ? Dealer said "he will be 104 next week, and he still plays about twice a week". My we all still be playing "anything" at 104.
  • Ted, I don't know if 23.5 seconds is necesary, but you should be able to count MUCH faster than the average length of time you will see a card. If you need the whole time to count, you will be obvious. You will miss cards when the dealer shows a 6 and everyone stands. Or when the dealer has BJ and everyone loses.

    Par for the course is 30 seconds for a deck.

    But I will point out that it is MUCH more important to be able to count WITH distractions, than to count quickly under ideal situations. If you're close to the 30 second mark, there is no need to improve (although it couldn't hurt) You'd be better off practicing with lots of distractions.

    Try this exercise: deal out 6 hands, but pretend you (the dealer) has BJ. Offer insurance for a split second, but you know no one takes it, so really take a split second. Then scoop up all the cards. But wait, don't start the clock until you give the first player his second card. Takes about 8 seconds, right? That's 14 cards in 8 seconds or one deck in 30 seconds.
  • midnite said:
    ... Side note : Older gent playing BJ and when he leaves the table the dealer asked "how old do you think that guy is ?" I said "I don't know, early 80's"
    ? Dealer said "he will be 104 next week, and he still plays about twice a week". My we all still be playing "anything" at 104.

    So obviously playing Blackjack is good for the health. Like those Dannon yogurt commercials a few years ago.
    Either that or he's a stubborn old cuss hanging in there until his results end up at minus 0.5 percent "in the long run."
  • Counting A/9 in 20 sec is not the same as some +/- system where you
    typically count by two:


    Your going to transfer one card at a time from your left hand(deck)
    into your right hand(catcher). Cards and hands face you and are in
    very close proximity.

    Use both thumbs to make the exchange and don't use a new deck.
    The cards are much too slick. If you have conditioned your mind to
    see 9, 10, J, Q, K, A properly, then you will soon reach the 20 sec.
    level. Then for even better performance, transfer 4,5,6,etc cards at
    a time.


    Do all of the above but transfer only 2 cards at a time. I'm not very
    good at it and my very best is 26-28 seconds. If your pulling off two
    cards at a time to a flat table,etc, this is where you are very limited.

    Our mechanical abilities and not our mind is what determines speed.
    Some folks are in the 15 sec range. No way I can ever do that....

    I thought I should make this clarification.

  • YAHOO!!!!! I have progressed to KISS I count (from Ace/10 front count) and tripled my buy in tonight on my first try at the casino. It was the first time I had the assurance to push out some bigger bets. I see what others mean about concentration. First base was good because I could make my play and then give 100% to the cards. My big mess-ups were when the dealer had 21 and scooped up the cards before I could look at them all. I was amused to look at the post mentioning this when I got home. KISS I come. NOTE TO OTHER BEGINNERS: I am doing quite well following Renzey's book. He does a good job moving the reader through progressively more difficult methods.
  • Way to go D! I'm finally going to get back to the barges tommorow. I have been trying to move up to KISS II so don't be suprised if you 'regress' a little in speed and smoothness when you include the 3s and the 10s in your counts, it takes a little while to get used to them, I know for sure I won't be able to play KISS II indices, and I will probably just play a progression on the six deck games maybe even try to back count a couple of tables, and count 2 deck games. We'll see.
  • Doc and D, More power to you both! It's nice to see that we have two
    people who have the will to win and are making progress in that direction.
    If may be that the "WILL TO WIN" or more correctly; the absence of the
    "FEAR OF FAILURE" tells the complete story of good blackjack players.

    D, did you have "FUN" on the way home?

    FEAR OF FAILURE( from some wise unknown)

    "The fear of failure produces a progressive narrowing of the personality.
    There is no learning without some well timed trials and errors. If you
    want to keep on leaniing, you must go on risking failure all your life."

  • Doc, It's too crowded in my town to back count (especially on a Friday night). I had trouble getting any seat as it was. Grifter and Midnite, I sat for a while at a CSM table and planted the thought in everyone's head that "the dealer gets more 20's with CSM's" the rumor starts in Detroit..... When I did get a seat at a REAL game, what a great feeling on the 2 shoes I had a "good" count when I raised my bet AND won. I don't think I'll be ready for the next step for a while; I was probably pretty obvious (counting under my breath, not talking, etc...) But still, what a great feeling to learn something new AND do well at the tables because of it. It wasn't too long ago that I didn't even know basic strategy!!! Ray, O.K. I'm willing to admit now that counting (and winning) is FUNNNNNN.
  • My wife and I recently played several hours of blackjack at Harrahs' Cherokee Casino, and playing conditions were underwhelming at best. The game is "live digital blackjack" -- cards are dealt by a computer, and a live dealer collects losses and pays winners with real chips. It's easy to play this game, but the problem is the game rules... Dealer hits soft 17, double on 10 or 11 only, no double after splits, split Aces once with a one card draw, split hands only 3 times. Bad rules!!!
    We played about three hours, and I was lucky enough to win my first 8 hands, followed by a 5 hand "run" after one loss... this gave me an edge going in, and we ended up $160 ahead.
    Also, minimum bet of $15.00, and only 9 of 20 tables were open when the casino was very busy. Food was lousy and service was slow, and I earned a whopping $4.00 in comps.
    Other than that, we had a great time!
  • Walter, I've been to that "Gip Joint" your talking about and I knew we made a mistake as soon as I saw the parking lot. On the wkend and only a few
    people there. We were there about 35 minutes at the most and going
    back across the mountain I told my wife that the place very likely would
    not stay in business. If you won anything, you were lucky.

    They have a potential gold mine there, but not so with that type of


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