Tucson, AZ
  • Went to an Indian Casino in Tucson AZ.
    Got a written copy of their rules. One rule is: “When a Player exceeds a total of 21, the hand loses automatically unless that Player has doubled down, split his hand or takes insurance and the Dealer is showing an Ace or ten value card. In that case, the Player’s money will be left on the table until the Dealer exposes her hand. If the Dealer’s hand results in a Blackjack the Player’s original money will be lost, but all splits and double downs will be pushed back.”
    It seems to me if the Dealer shows an Ace or ten card, they ask for insurance bets and then if they have a blackjack they turn it over right at that time. So what is this rule all about? When it is actually used and how does it help the player?
  • Probably the dealer doesn't check the hole card if he's got a ten, so to be fair to those who split or doubled down, they get their additional bets back if the dealer has blackjack. I don't understand what they're talking about if dealer's up card is an ace, though. That should always be an offer of insurance and then dealer checks the card underneath.

    Which Tucson casino is this?
  • Desert Diamond around the airport.
  • Sage said:
    Desert Diamond around the airport.

    I have been to that one and the dealers are real morons. I am guessing that rule is in place should the dealer totally flake and forget to check the hole card. I figure this rule is in place to settle all arguments. Someone must have thrown a shit fit.

    OT, have you ever won big at any of the Indian casinos in Tucson? I've won some modest hauls at BJ there but usually do better in the poker room at Del Sol on (far) west Valencia. There are some real dumb asses playing in there that don't know how to play cards to save their lives. God place to pick up gas money coming all the way from Vail.

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