2 K Gregorian Strategy
  • There were 2019 decisions
    947/1072 = 46.90% (win percent)
    Out of the 2019, there were 417 hands that were not played by BS.(20.65%)
    Of the 417, 259 made no difference (both ways would have won or lost)
    Of the 161 left :
    Gregorian Strategy won 78 (that BS would have lost)
    Basic Strategy would have won 83 (that GS lost)
    Of the 161 hands, BS was better by 5 hands, than GS.
  • Midnite - Interesting post, but you either have some 'bogus numbers' :wink: there, or I'm missing something entirely.

    Using your iindividual numbers for the 500+ decisions, I add them up and get that Basic Strategy was only better by 2 decisions, not 12. What am I missing?

  • O.K., the 'bogus numbers' were a typo....Then what is the final bottom line for the difference between BS and this "G" thing?.....Is it 5?
  • It was 5.
    BS would have won 5 more.
    I sure didn't get the 1% advantage, he said you would get, but I didn't think I would.
  • midnite said:

    I sure didn't get the 1% advantage, he said you would get, but I didn't think I would.

    The author was talking about EV, your test is about WP. You are trying to compare apples/oranges again......But don't get me wrong, I don't think his method will improve the EV.

    Your efforts are certainly commendable, but you really can't test something like this by dealing hands at the kitchen table. You need to either 'do the math' manually or use a simulator. You dealt 2,000+ hands, but it appears BS was only affected by about 200 (you really don't say). So your "sample" size is 200, not 2,000, and you only showed a delta of five.......Honestly, you would have gotten just as meaningful results by flipping a coin two hundred times and recording the results.

    I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but I don't want other people reading something into your original post that isn't there.

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