Blackjack software or web site.
  • I have purchased and am reading both Fred Renzey's and Walter Thomason's books. Can anyone recommend a realistic software program or web site to practice with. By realistic, I mean cards are played and actually discarded for that shoe. The ones I've found so far seem to reshuffle after every hand.
  • Jess - First of all, welcome to the Forum. Great bunch of people here, and growing by the day.

    I have posted before that I think "Casino Verite" is by far the best blackjack program on the market, and I am not alone in this opinion.

    It IS a bit pricey.....probably $75-$90, but worth every penny if you are serious about this game. Very realistic, dozens of playing options, and incredible stats and graphs......and no, I don't get a commission from Norm for endorsing his product. 8)

  • Jess- If interested, there is a 2 week free trial Demo of Casino Verite. I believe you can download it at
  • I don't have the mind for the graphs and statistics but CV allows for everything I need in drilling for counts and basic strategy, you can't go wrong with it. It will let you adjust to near any casino rules in the country as well.
  • Thanks. You answered my question before I knew I needed to ask it. I am, too, ready for some advanced practice. Just downloaded the demo and copied the order form for my Christmas list.
  • On that note, D, the crack for that software is all over the net. With a little effort, you can apply the patch . . . and voila!
  • Thanks all for the information. I downloaded the demo and subsequently ordered the lite software. It has already helped me notice and accept some realities of playing the game. i.e. The dealer can be damn consistent at getting good hands.

  • Received mine in the mail today, VERY prompt service. For those using KISS, there's apparently a way to set red and black 2's. I won't have time to figure it out today .....goin' to the real thing tonight!!! Hopefully the dealers don't know about your good hands theory Jess.
  • Doc (or anyone), Have you figured out how to set the stats to count only RED 2's? I think it's possible, but can't seem to figure out how to do it. Thanks
  • New, and late to the thread, but there is also 678 blackjack availible at a cheaper price ~$45 for those on a budget. I use it and it fills the bill.

    HOWEVER, there are a few mistakes as I've discovered.... it appears that the hand 88 is treated as any other 16 when its time to surrender. Those who count cards will find this error quite annoying. Ditto for 77. Proper strategy is to split 88 vs. 10. For those counting, there is a proper index to surr 88 vs. 10 and 77 vs 9,10. Simulations are affected by the erroneous decisions supplied. Other than that, a great way to practice and play as well as learn simple counts. My A5 method NOT included. But 10's count and simple +/- is as well as a host of bad methods to illustrate what your up against at the tables.

    This for your information, there are others out there.

    UPDATE: the new version of 678 Blackjack FIXES these problems, and has a $40 price. Many new strategies are included. You will find KO, KISS, and ZEN counts amoung others.

  • I read all about the casino verite system and was ready to download the demo. Then I found out it's not available for Mac OSX. Does anyone know of good software that works on OSX?
  • Thanks N&B. Although, that's actually one that I have tried and I don't like it very much.
  • Leon - I feel so positive about CV I would do this:
    1. Spring for $90 and buy it.
    2. Tell the wife you need a new computer to run it.
    3. Call a good lawyer

    Grifter :wink:
  • That sounds like a great plan Grif.

    Now, does anyone know of a good website where I can get a wife?

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