Walter's progression and New York Phone Number which better?
  • Basicly I got the idea for Walter's progression. But the progression have weak point is when you hit something like WLWLWL you will keep lose money. The main point for NY Phone number progression (NY area phone code) is you start at 2 units after a winning bet you reduce your bet by one unit and back to 2 unit if you win again. so it will looks like 2-1-2-3-3-4-5 or 2-1-2-3-4-5. The good thing for this progression is it can still make profit when your winning bet and lose bet back to back also can make profit when you in a long winning streak.

    Anyone can give some com. on this if I'm right or not? Thanks
  • Myself, I don`t like a progression that starts out with more units than your second wager will be, if you win the first hand , like 2-1-2-3-4 etc. (phone number). Therefore, I would be more comfortable using a 1-2-3-4 Progression or a 2-3-4-5 Progression, like Walter`s Progression.

  • Camel: Comparing your 2123345 (NY) vs. 234555 (Thomason), for 7 hands:
    Win every hand: +$200 -- NY. +$290 -- Thomason ($90 difference)
    Lose every hand: Both players -$140. (no difference)
    WLWLWLW Scenario: +$50 -- NY. -$10 -- Thomason ($60 difference)
    I prefer my system!
  • Walter Thomason said:
    Camel: Comparing your 2123345 (NY) vs. 234555 (Thomason), for 7 hands:
    Win every hand: +$200 -- NY. +$290 -- Thomason ($90 difference)
    Lose every hand: Both players -$140. (no difference)
    WLWLWLW Scenario: +$50 -- NY. -$10 -- Thomason ($60 difference)
    I prefer my system!

    Thanks Walter that's what I'm asking. I got your point now!
  • the problem i have seen with various "up and pull" or "phone number systems" is that they just add an extra step in advancing to higher bets... i find that streaks of three are quite common... in up and pull you are just back to your starting wager on third win... i like to maximize winning streaks, and i think a more aggressive progression will do that more effectively.
    but, if you are not doing well a phone number system will keep you around longer. which is why i think walter introduced the quit points.
  • I think phone number systems mainly protect you with choppy WL
  • I like playing WT's progression and have been recently at the $10 tables with a $500 bankroll and buyin, however it is usually too slow and I often get boring with the progression. I've tried SLD and Dahl's but I'd like to use WT's for awhile because I have never once had a bad result besides me IMPULSE betting like $300 on one hand or some shit like that. I really wanted to use his 2-3-4-5-5-5 progression at a $25 table, but unfortunately the 25-37.50-50-62.50 would be too confusing after winning the first @ $25 to get a green chip, 2 red's then 1 pink for $37.50, which is 3x $12.50 if I wanted to use his system. Also, since most of the dealer's try to pay with the least amount of chips, this makes it even more harder on him. Do you see what I'm saying? Should I just round up to $40 or what? I want to be PRECISE!

    I know I could play at a $50 min. and it'd be 50-75-100-125-125-125 but then that'd mean I'd have to have 30x-40x (what experts recommend) which would be $1500-2000 with me and I simply dont have that much. I only wish I could play at the quarter tables with the progression as easy as this.

    What should I do?
  • Bug- Play $30-$45-$60-$75, or in other words 3x of Walter Thomason's progression
  • Excellent idea, Michigan Dave!!

    However, does this mean that I should have 30-40x $45 which is well over $1200? Because in the regular $10 progression min. Renzey says that the avg. bet is $15 which is the 3x bet so when I multiply WT's progression by 3 the 3x progression is $45... 30-45-60-75, correct?
  • Bug- You can start out with whatever you want, but IMHO I think 40x your original wager is the absolute minimum for your session although the 4 loss quit point in Mr. Thomason's progression may or may not have an effect.
  • Anyone know the proper bankroll I should bring if I want to use WT's progression starting @ $30? Renzey? It's $45 x 40 right?
  • Bug:

    Use the modified 007 (x,x, 2x,2x,2x,3x,3x,4x,4x and back to x) It will protect you better in the choppy wlwlwlwl shoes and you won't lose as much if you lose the fifth hand after four wins.

    007...license to kill.
  • Why, g0t something against Thomason's?!?!??!? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Thomason's is COOL, f00L!!!!!!!!!!
  • "Buggery on the high seas"

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