WT variation?
  • I have been a lurker here for a while. I have been fairly successful using a system for some time that turns out to be similar but slightly different from WT progression.

    Using 1x,2x,3x,4x increments, I start at 2x and fall back to 1x only if I lose at 2x. If I reach 4x, I stay there and fall back to 2x when I lose at 3x or 4x.

    My thought is I use 1x to weather the storm when dealer has a run. By falling back to 1x and losing 1 unit, I can wait until I lose 7 hands before quitting instead of 4 hands allowing more time for cards to turn.

    I welcome comments and critique.
  • Tondi,
    Your progression sounds all right. How long have you been using it? And where do you play?

  • I play at Beau Rivage in Biloxi and Harrahs in New Orleans. I live 5 minutes from boats but don't like them so don't play there.
  • Tuffy,
    I have also played Harrahs in Joliet.
  • Tondi,
    What is it about the boats you don't like?
  • PJ,
    The boats here are real boats that spend an hour going out, then an hour returning during which no gambling is allowed. I just don't like it even though the ride out and back are nice enough. The tourists love it. :roll:
  • That sounds like the Texas ship I tried once. I like the relative short drive, but dislike the same things you mentioned. All together, the conditions are not favorable for someone who wants to win.

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