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  • Just got home from LV- Played in a tournament at Rio and made it to the third round- which means I got a welcome dinner and a handshake. As for the rest of the trip. played pretty much even from Friday to yesterday morning (about 30hours) and then everything went south- dropped 45 units. made a quick stop at Hard Rock on my way out of dodge and recouped about 10...but the weather was nice.
  • Hello,

    Can you explain a little bit about how the tournament worked. How you found out about it. What it cost. Things like that. . .

  • This tournament was invitational, but there are plenty that have a buy in. Every player starts with $1,000 in special checks (so you can't pocket any and cash them in later) and plays 25 hands. The button moves each hand so the first to bet and the first to play changes each hand. In round 1 the top two payers at the table advance, after that only the top finisher moves on. If you make the final table (round 5) you are a winner and first place was $20,000.00

    there were also re-buys- for $250 you could buy a spot in round 2 if you were already out. There were also 4 wild cards- names drawn from a hat of the losers. One of the wild cards was Ken Eininger- the guy who was the first out from the final table at the televised Hilton tournament.

    Card and betting strategy may be considerably different in a tournament. Take a look at for a list of tournaments and more info. Hope some of this helps. Larz
  • Sounds very nice. Can you explain this statement though:
    If you make the final table (round 5) you are a winner and first place was $20,000.00

    So if you make it through 4 rounds you automatically win 1st place of $20G's? Or do you mean you end up with some money?

    Also, in order to move up and progress well into to the tournament rounds, MUST one card-count/progressive bet or is JUST playing flawless BS enough? I doubt it is, because most of them playing in that tournament should really know what they are doing. Obviously SOME luck is involved, because even the best card counter can still catch the WORST cards, agree?

    Can you talk about the performance of players, and why you think reached the 3rd round as well as what it takes to move up?
  • Sorry if that wasn't clear. round 5, the final table, guaranteed a payout to everyone, starting at $750.00 to the 6th place finsher, and increasing to the winner at $20,000.00.

    As for play and betting strategy, remember that you are playing against the others at your table as much as against the house. BS is just a starting point. Splitting tens or doubling on a bj are typical plays. You are trying to accumulate as much as possible in a very short time. 25 hands is too small a universe for progressive betting to do alot of good (my opinion). Some play defensively, others offensively. Most play the table minimum for the first few hands to get a feel of the others a the table and see how things are going. I like to start strong, take my chances early and try to build a lead. The last 5 hands are interesting. How you bet and play depends on whether you are protecting a lead or playing catch up. That's why table position, given the rotating first play on the button is important. You will see lots of doubles on made hands for example.

    There is nearly as much written on tournament play as on counting or progressions or other table strategies. As for why some move on and others don't, I'll repeat, 25 hands goes so fast I believe a little knowledge helps. As with other things in life, having alot of luck is still the best thing. In this last one, I won the first table with $1,875,.00. I won the second with about $700.00. Hope this helps a little.
  • How much was the entry fee? That BJ tourmanent link was helpful, but I couldn't find a list of ALL tournaments. I live in Houston, TX and the closest casino is Lake Charles, about 2 hrs away but they never host any. You know any around here?

    So they ALLOW yall to double your BJ?? I thought that was not permitted or in tournaments the rules change I guess? Also, what about CARD COUNTING, that have a big roll in things? Do players at the final table implement that at all or is 25 hands too quick? Was this your first tournament? How much was the EF?
  • This one was invitational, no buy in fee. It's an incentive to regular's to come for a weekend. I guarantee you the house makes money by having about 300 good customers come for a weekend event and pay out a few bucks in prizes.

    Sorry, I don't have any info. about Lake Charles. I live in Chicago. I did live in New Orleans for 3 years though.

    As for doubling on bj- I'm not aware of it being disallowed anywhere. Never heard of that, though it isn't a particularly smart play if you're playing your own $. These tournament rules are identical to the usual house rules in all respects except once your bet is placed you cannot change it, even 1 second later. Also, bet must be placed within 10 seconds of your turn ( not carefully enforced), and no stringing bets (dropping checks one at a time), it has to be placed in one group.

    Card counting can't hurt, but a full table playing 25 hands is about 1 1/2 shoes with 6 decks. Not enugh time to plan on getting a great count.

    Not my first time. I play in 3-5 a year for at least the last 10 years. I've made the final table, but never taken home the gold.

    As for EF- ???
  • EF stands for Entry Fee, well, at least that's what the United States Chess Federation (USCF) uses in their Chess Life magazine which features many tournaments in the tournament listing section.

    So basically, you bet more than usual (aggressively) and the rest is luck in your case all the time? Made it to the last round... very nice! How do you think you made it that far and have you heard of the Million Dollar BJ tourney? Well yeah, I think you have... any thoughts of maybe participating in that?

    Yeah, the casino I play at, Isle of Capri is too stupid to have a tournament and if they ever DID host one I'd LOVE to play because so many of those players dont play FLAWLESS BS! I dont think there has been a time that I've went where I saw someone play flawless BS the entire night. They'd always fuck up on a 9/9 against 9 hand, or a soft double or something like that.

    *Huge Sigh* :roll: :roll:
  • Bug, playing flawless BS will NOT win a tournament. You might need to double down on 16 or split tens if it's the last bet and you'd win the tournament if you won the bet. Tournaments are NOT about the "long term"
  • Right, but it's still a very good idea to do though, correct? I mean, I dont think one should just split every pair and double down on a 20 until the VERY END of the hands, right?

    Also, so would you say most of tournaments are just LUCK of the cards as well??? I think that plays a huge determining factor as well IMHO.

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