New to BlackJack. Help me PLZ
  • The casino I play they using 8 decks and cut nearly 3, in this situation car counting will still effective? Really I'm not interested to learn card counting, not becuase of I'm lazy I just feel now days casino are totally different with before, I can't see card counting is still effective. So without card counting any Pro here can give me any suggestion that any book I should read? Thanks


  • Welcome to the club :mrgreen: I have dabbled in a little card counting since the day I have read about it but lack the dilligence to follow through with the necessary rehearsal as well. I guess my username says it all :oops:

    I'm sure some Pros will be suggesting some books to u in the following postings but IMHO whichever book u do decide upon, bookmark the basic strategy page customized for the conditions the casino you play in offers & the page that tells you to leave the casino when you have lost x amount of money depending on your minimum bet. Before each visit to the casino, replace the 2 bookmarks with some money & tell yourself that if you do everything those 2 pages tell you to, you will use that money to buy something to reward yourself. But if you don't, you will donate it to charity.

    The picture I am painting here is if you are hopeless at card counting like myself, then flat-betting, progression, or min-max is just a matter of taste depending on individual winning experience or research level. But the 2 most important DISCIPLINES in any book that a non card counter should NEVER ever sway from is the mathematically proven basic strategy & the loss limit he/she sets BEFORE stepping a foot into the casino.

    P/S: If you happen to purchase a book with just 1 single basic strategy chart for any number of decks and there's no mention of bankroll size or money management. Return the favor by giving it the player that pisses you off the most in the casino :twisted:
  • Very well put........
  • 62.5% penetration is very poor. Possibe to beat by counting, but you'll make so much more money with the interest on your checking account. Don't do it for the money.
  • The first one, and one of the oldest, IMHO is Revere's "Playing Blackjack as a Business". [AKA the Old Testament]
    Stanford Wong's Blackjack books are essential, and Uston's "Million $ Blackjack" will put some stories into the mix.

    The more up-to-date books would include most everything by Fred Renzy, and Don Schleshinger. --->Blackjack will put you in touch with everything Blackjack.

  • Yeah, I notice that the cutting at the Isle of Capri - Lake Charles is usually very poor. They usually cut about 2 decks out, and I NEVER see them cut just 1 out from the 6-deck shoe! :twisted: :twisted:
  • Up here in the Land of Steady Habits, common is 1.5 decks from 6, and 2 decks from 8. Foxwoods can cut 1.5 from 8 but not too common.

  • Are those only approximations? I'm not very good at seeing how many DECKS they cut, I can just tell it's much more than one deck, you know what I'm saying?

    Also, in a 6-deck shoe, what is considered GOOD PENETRATION?
  • BuGhOu§eMASTER said:
    Also, in a 6-deck shoe, what is considered GOOD PENETRATION?

    I remember clearly reading that in a 6 deck shoe, good penetration is 1.25 decks, average penetration is 1.5 decks, and poor penetration is 2 decks.
  • CameINZ, To beat the game your talking about would be difficult
    with the best count sys and a "Brinks" truck. I suggest your learn
    basic strategy and go one further by building a good reference lib.

    Go to "" and read and print the articles by: Renzey,
    Scobtete, Gamemaster, and Krigman. You can further your game
    considerably at no cost. Later, or in addition; sign-up for E-mail
    notifications and consider getting a copy of "Blue Book II". Good
    luck to you...........................................................


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