Hacked, New Software
  • Once again, the HitorStand message board got hacked. I apologize that you all had to receive those annoying emails.

    As you see, I have switched to a new bulletin board application, vBulletin, which is the industry standard software. Hopefully we will not see any more break ins. There are still kinks to work out (like the graphic template), but I wanted to get it online and the posts transferred quickly.

    On a good note, I have added a new forum category "Blackjack Experiences & Funny Stories." Pretty self-explanatory.

    Thank you everyone for your encouraging emails during the down time. I wish I could have prevented it. Happy posting!

  • Neil......just sent you a PM.....this is actually just a test........G.
  • I like the new format....just testing login and post ability
  • Grif.. hmm. never got the PM. I'll send you one.

    Thanks Ray. This new board is deffinitely an upgrade. Lots of cool stuff to play with.
  • Ray......Try sending me a PM please......Mine don't seem to be going out....I got this message, "You have reached your stored private message quota and can not send any further messages until space has been created."

  • Grifter- I got the same message as you- could be an allocation problem, but
    prob'ly not serious.
  • Ray - It's the "mailboxes"......You can't store as much as with the old software......I cleaned mine out and it is now fine (i think)......Grifter
  • Yes, the sent and inboxes for me are full, but if you don't have 50+
    you may not have a problem. Most, or someone that does not have
    much activity should check to see if this is the case................
  • A couple of notes.

    1. old "sent messages" seem to count against your "50 message limit" even though I didn't realize old messages I had _sent_ were saved. I removed 'em.

    2. The time is royally hosed. Apparently I posted something about 10pm tonight, even though it is currently about 5pm CST. :)
  • Hey. I've upgraded everyone to 100 private messages per account. Grifter & Midnite, as moderators you got more than that.

    Yeah, Stainless, the time is messed up. Looking into that now... Thanks.
  • One other....We did lose several post on the active topic when we got
    zapped. The last few on the OPP count. I don't think that matters because
    we pretty much ran that topic in the ground anyway.
  • I think Neil was restoring some things this afternoon. I looked at the OPP thread, and the last post was the "SSR are you a real-life player?," but the posts after that were gone. I posted a very short response just so it wouldn't look to newbies like I had not answered, when another few posts showed up. I deleted my short response since the question was no longer "dangling"...
  • Well something is up. We all have 'Site Admin' below our names! Plus, I used to post on the old boards and already had an account but when I tried to retrieve my password I clicked on the link that was emailed to me and got a 404 page not found error. I tried several other things to reactivate the account and kept getting 404'ed. I finally just registered under a new name.
  • Although I am a relative newcomer here. I wanted to tell you I like the new software. Great choice.


    BTW Thanks for this great board. Some of the most insightful posters are here sharing their knowledge.
  • The V-Bulletin software is the shizzle man! Good stuff we use these on our car club forums. Just one note though seems everyone has Site Admin under their name and I miss the smilies! :P
  • ok. I got rid of the "Site Admin" bug. It was a glitch when importing from the old software. I'll work on the smilies next. Thanks everyone for your help!

    P.S. Did anyone receive the mass email I sent out to all users after the hack? I don't think it went through...
  • Yes the mass email went directly to my junk mail ...lol
  • clock/time is still hosed... everything else looks pretty good.
  • Thanks Neil and keep up the good work.

  • stainless steel rat said:
    clock/time is still hosed... everything else looks pretty good.

    My time and date have been fine ever since I went to "edit options" and tweaked my time zone.
  • Moosehead said:
    Yes the mass email went directly to my junk mail ...lol

    Must be what happened in my case too. Didn't know about the change after the hack. Been without the forum all this time and REALLY missed it! Just happened to Google hitorstand and came across this. Ahhhh, what a great Christmas gift!

    Thanks Neil for all your work and efforts, they are appreciated!

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