What other ways are there to make money on BJ
  • So other than card counting,what other methods do you use do get added value from your BJ play?

    Many of the casinos in Vegas and elsewhere offer a Win card and $15 in promotional chips for $10. I buy these as often as I am allowed and use them for my double downs.

    I also make extensive use of coupons and funbooks.In fact,I subscribed to several gambling magazines multiple times just for the couponbooks they send out.

    Any others you'd care to share?
  • I've recently started playing in tournaments... Counting doesn't seem to be overly helpful during tournaments... you just have to be smarter about betting than the other players ... some luck helps too!
  • Counting can certainly help. Of course the "button" is also very important in the final rounds as if things are "close" you'd like to bet last. But when you can't bet last, you can at least bet according to the count and to your relative standing with other players, to give yourself a slightly improved edge, particularly in earlier rounds where everyone is usually doing min bets and things are close. If the count is way up, and you bet last, you can toss out a big bet when you have a big edge to try to "break away" when things are positive.

    The hardest part of tournament play (to me) is chip estimation. There are no rules that players have to stack chips into stacks of 20, sorted by denomination, which can make life difficult.
  • Do any casinos offer good BJ tournaments? If so which ones. I'm near Atlantic City and I think Harrah's just had one for $300 buy in and $30 entry fee, but you are playing a crummy 8 deck game hahaha. A.C. stinks. Are there any 2d or 4d or 6d BJ tournaments in Vegas?

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