"expert" amateurs (yawn).
  • Sorry I have to vent guys! So here goes hahaha...

    Anyone in here good enough to count and debate people complaining about your every move? I can't stand it anymore. EVERYTIME I go to crummy Atlantic City the crappiest players ever in the world try to tell you you are wrong. Then sometimes even the dealers get in that mix. I never saw a town so populated by lame-brains in my entire life!!! Is the entire world that stupid to think they are an expert about something that they haven't even studied or have little to no experience in???

    "Don't waste that ace!"
    What is that suppossed to mean??? HAHAHAHAHA.

    "come on Monkey!"
    Are we in a zoo???

    "You would have won if you wouldn't have hit that hand. I like when the whole table wins! You could now have posible messed up the cards."
    Gee, do you really care how much I go home winning? NO. Are you my financial advisor? If you knew I was going to win that hand and you cared so much why didn't you tell me before hand? Sorry I'll just ask the pit boss if I can straighten up the cards for you.

    "You shouldn't have hit that card. You messed up the cards. Now I have to play and extra hand to fix the cards."
    If we were able to "fix" the cards I don't think the casino would offer the game. If ou are able to fix the cards then why don;t you quit your day job???

    "You shouldn't have hit that A,7.. NOOOO Thats 18!!!!!!"
    No its EIGHT or 18. 1+7=8. Duh.

    "Why did you hit that hand?! You can just see for yourself how those cards were turning out!"
    "See" what? Can you pick me 6 winning numbers for the lottery since you can "see" what comes out?

    "Why did you hit your 12 vs. the dealers 2 or 3?!!! 2 thru 6 you don't have to take cards!"
    Whatever!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    Forget doubling down on my A,7 if needed. The whole table will sigh in disgust. "Thats 18!!!"

    "Why did you insure that A,5 for??? I would never do that!!!!!"
    Well the dealer had black jack and you all lost so stf up. Don't be a sore looser.

    "Your the anchor! If you mess up a hand you automatically cost the whole table. Why aren't you a team player?! We have to play together to win!"
    Ok what happens if I make a correct move at third base and the guy in spot 4 messes up? He doesn't get yelled at but I do right?

    It's so nerve racking. Sometimes I loose count because I have half the table ganging up on me and you can't help but to ask them stupid questions back that would contradict what they are telling you. Then when you have them stumbling on their own words then all you get out of them is stuttering "well well well well." I can handle one clown at a table. But when you have half the table doing complaining its annoying and distracting.
  • I have learned to blend with everything going on in the casino and keep up with the count. You must pay the "experts" no attention and do what you know is right. Most of these so called experts play based on guesses, "gut" instincts and hunches. This ultimately turns them into losers and therefore they must resort to tactics such as playing extra hands to "change the cards". As counters, we have statistics on our side. Remember, the casinos exist because of statistics. As a side note, I try not to play with more than two other people at a table in order to minimze the amount of contact I have with uninformed players. Also, if you have a large enough bankroll, playing at tables with minimum bets of $50 or $100 reduces your exposure as well. Here is a quick story. I was at the casino this morning at about 4am. Myself and another gentleman were playing. He was a loose cannon, varying his bets very wildly. Then this older gentleman joins in. He is clearly playing on hunches. He did not hit some of his hard 16's vs. a 10 his bet varied greatly as well. I remember one particular hand where he raised his bet to $150 and the dealer had an ace showing. He immediately insured his hand. I did not take insurance because the true count did not dictate doing so. He lost his insurance bet and the hand. The bottom line is this: You are at the casino to MAKE MONEY! Not to befriend people at the table. DO what our system tells us, not what the masses of asses want you to do.
  • It's Atlantic City and the East Coast in general. They've been that
    way since day one. They'll stand behind you in a gin game and
    absolutely destroy you, thinking they're playing your hands for you
    while giving away your every card. Betting wrong on the craps table
    is tantamount to high treason.
    I don't know how it got started in AC, but the poor pit bosses
    sent there feel like they've been sent to the Middle East and
    can't wait to get back to Vegas. Those people not only drive away
    serious money, but they trash the place while they're at it.
    I don't think it will ever stop. It's in the culture, now.
    Biggest single mistake is taking the one hole in 21.
    I pass the dice. Forget the rez.
  • One of the last times I was at the Sands,I was switching from playing one to two hands,seemingly at random. This woman sitting two spots away from me told me not to do it as I was messing with the flow of her cards.At first I thought she was joking but she got louder and more insistant.The pit boss came over and when he saw what was going on,he not only didn't stop her but asked me to consider staying at one hand' for the god of the table". I looked at the several empty tables and told him he should open one up so the woman could play by herself.Didn't make many new friends that day.
  • HAHAHA...screw em I say...I throw in an extra hand for a few reasons....the dealer is too hot and time to mess things up....i have the cash and want to minimize my risk rather then betting $60-$100 on one spot...... the count is so favourable to high cards. Normally I get a lot of recognition from others for playing 2 spots but I'm also playing at 10-15 minumum tables. but ya I have had the " your screwing up the flow" thing said to me as well. I just pretend I didn't hear it :P :)
  • I carry a small fan in my pocket so when a smoker sits down I can blow the smoke away from myself. At Pauma friday night a guy sat down one position away from me and started smoking, so I got my fan out..... The dealer said, "oh, you have a little fan". I said, "yea, isn't it amazing how someone can sit down and blow smoke in your face, but if I let a smelly fart they would be mad at me". The guy smoking said, "this is a free country and I am not blowing it in your face". He played a couple of more hands and left.....
  • I'm a smoker,but never smoke while at the table. In fact my "urges" to smoke coincide with the deck turning negative.Nothing makes me want a few quick puffs away from the table like a bad deck.
    Nothing makes me want to split 10s or stick on hard eights like a newcomer smoking a cigar.
  • Local bylaws all over up here. No smoking in any public place....even bars and restaraunts. But if you go to Niagara you can smoke there. :(
  • i understand-nothing drives me crazier than what Fred Renzey refers to a the "woulda,coulda,shoulda" people!
  • Try to be the biggest moron. Mumble something like, "I've got a hunch" for just about any move. Or try, "I'm here to gamble, not just play." when you double that A7. Or "Hold on...I've got a system". Or "I'm trying to change the flow of the cards - long term, not just this hand" when you go from one hand to two or vice versa.

    The real morons will leave because they believe what you say. The rest of the table will just smile and continue to play.
  • and don't forget to hold in plain sight of all,including the eye in the sky, your RABBITS' FOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hey NYB! You said you played at the Sands. I recently found out where their 4th floor low limit BJ was located. But it was closed when I went. Do you know if its 6D low-limit? When is it open? If anyone knows the answer to my question , I'd appreciate the report very much.

    2 weeks ago the Sands took ALL of their 6D games on the main casino floor out. What creeps. So instead of 3 location there are only 2 locations that a person with a small BR can play a decent game in A.C. What a crappy city.

    Oh yeah, the Hilton is a joke too... mid entry on the weekdays on 6D BUT no mid-entry on the weekends on ALL 6D. Me and my pal wanted to back count and jump into a $50 min table but our plan was foiled by the no mid when we were there on the weekend. Annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!
  • I've never seen the 4th floor BJ tables open. I've heard they open on weekends,but you'll never catch me in AC on a weekend. Same goes for the 6th floor games at Ballys.
    I'd think there were some good $50 games on the shore,but thats not my game.I've only sat at a $25 table once,and prefer 5-10 tables,which are pretty much history in AC.I much prefer the DD games in Vegas,and for $250 round-trip on Jet Blue,a trip every six weeks doesn't cost much more than driving to AC weekly.Its over ten bucks for the bridge to SI alone,then all those freakin tolls.
  • NYB:

    Wondering about your opinion on Mohegan Sun/Foxwoods.

    Sun has 6D S17 LS... worth the trip?
  • NYB said:
    I much prefer the DD games in Vegas,and for $250 round-trip on Jet Blue,a trip every six weeks doesn't cost much more than driving to AC weekly.Its over ten bucks for the bridge to SI alone,then all those freakin tolls.

    NYB- Same here I perfer $5 & $10 2D games also. It costs me $400 round trip to fly from Philadelphia to Las Vegas. You are lucky you got Jet Blue. Their fares to LV are super cheap. Otherwise, it only costs me $8 round trip to take the train to Atlantic Shitty from where I am at, but it is such a struggle to win. I went last week and played 6D and the count was like +5 or better and I put a huge bet up there and I lost. In a way I was dumb because the amount I bet was too big than I should have been betting. But it was +5~!!!! I always get burnt on good counts on 6D in A.C. ugh!!! So far I have only had one good session playing in A.C. since I have learned how to count (2005 to present). Otherwise the moron randomly betting piles of green chips always wins. I don't get it? I always do the "hail mary" bankrolls which is probably the major problem? But I try to manage my money while playing. If I loose 3 hands in a row and the count is not favorable I sit out until the count reaches the key count. I'm trying everything I can with the limited funds I have, plus I know all the indexcies. So I don't know???

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