doubling 11 vs.A
  • I'm a an avid follower of this site and an occasional contributor. After spending considerable time at as well as checking the chart in the "Rules & Strategy" section here, I find myself confused over what I thought was a farily straightforward situation -- when to double an 11 vs. dealers A.

    The chart here says hit; the main chart on the wizardofodds site says double; and the wizard's appendices vary depending on certain situations.

    What I found particularaly curious from the wizard's charts is this
    - while standing on soft 17 is more advantageous to the player ...
    - doubling an 11 vs A in that scenario is less advantageous to the player than simply hitting. Seems like it would be the reverse.

    Am I making too much out of all this? All I really want to know is WHEN to double an 11 vs. A, because if you double it in the game here, you get whacked for a wrong decision.

    I know some of our experts out there can give me some simple, straightforward guidance. Thanks!
  • Clarfication -- when I said "standing on soft 17" I meant "dealer standing on soft 17".
  • Phil,

    The confusion is understandible because the correct play for 11 against an ace depends upon whether you are playing a one deck game or multideck. Under single deck Basic Strategy the proper move is to double down. For multiple decks it's to hit. Card counters would also begin doubling down on that with a small positive count.

    To confuse matters even more, some places around the world play with no whole card. This means that if you double down and the dealer later turns up blackjack you lose both your orginal and the double bets. Clearly, you wouldn't double in one of those games.

  • Thanks, insadong.

    I agree with your statement about always doubling in a single-deck game, but I'm not sure about always hitting in a multiple deck game.

    Wizardofodds (appendix 9) seems to indicated for multiple decks, it depends on whether the dealer is hitting or standing on soft 17

    Maybe I've answered my own question here -- always double 11 vs A unless it's a multiple-deck game where the dealer is standing on soft 17.

    Is my thinking valid?
  • PhilTx - Your thinking is valid and correct (remember that multiple deck means four to eight decks, not two).

  • Thanks Grif. That being the case, I'm a little surprised the game here programmed to classify doubling 11 vs A as a wrong answer - would have thought it would allow you to do either.

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