Required stakes for a private table?
  • I thought I had read somewhere that Resorts(AC) now had reserved tables for what seemed to be fairly low minimums,but can't find the source.
    Anyone know what kind of play you must promise in order to get a reserved private table at a AC casino,or a decent Vegas one. Not at Wynn,but not at Casino Royale either.
  • I have gotten a "private game" many times for $25 mins. This is easy to do in casinos that have lots of $5 or even $10 tables open during the day, but with plenty of tables that are not open. I just ask "any chance of a $25 min table so I can play without the crowd?" And the pit has never turned me down that I can recall. This is even easier when you walk through and there are multiple $50 and $100 tables open, with no players.
  • Thanks,I've never tried but I'm not yet a steady green chipper.
    My friend called Resorts and they said they would reserve a table for up to three players with a $7500 buy-in. I think he's going this Weds. I'll most likely go,but don't know if I'll get involved.He's one of these guys that sorta knows BS,but looks at it as guidance,not to be over-ruled by his hunches.Once saw him DD(and win)on two Aces against a six.Said as long as he could only get one card,he might as well leave a ten for the dealer to bust on.Which was exactly what happened.It made for a long ride home.

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