• Several of us agree that the quality and benefit of posts, in general, has
    gone south in the last 6-8 months. It appears that some don't trust or
    believe the theory behind basic strategy, probabilities and how they effect
    the ability to win, regardless of skill level. Others are prone to generate large
    volumes of data, facts and misc. gab that is self-serving and illusionary.
    Usually these are in response to a simple question by a new player who has
    no real grasp of 90% of the post. Here are some thoughts that may help us
    to get back on track:

    Basic Strategy- It's ok to ask questions about B/S, in it's various forms, but
    not ok to make half-ass attempts to re-invent it.

    There is justification for long post in some cases. Trip reports, BR methods
    and uncommon methods tend to require more extensive data. Give some
    thoughts to your post before posting. Make sure you have facts, not feelings.

    Responses should consider the skill level of the original poster and in many
    cases may be nothing more than a re-direct to some site, book or article.

    The math is correct and has been proven over and over by many individuals.
    Trust the odds, they are factual.

    Progressions are ok for discussion (not all progressions are created equal)
    and may have selected applications depending on the individual and his
    objectives. Just know that they can not produce an advantage.

    Lastly, be who you are and not who you would like to be. Nothing is more
    dishonest than a pretender and it takes about two post to see thru them.

    After talking to Grifter (a teacher of blackjack) I thought I'd risk a few
    observations and fully expect some comments. If we can rid ourselves of
    the nonessentials, then more important strategies can be addressed.....
  • Ray,
    I agree. What subjects do you feel would be more enjoyable or beneficial?
    I don't care that much about trip reports, (wins or losses) but I do like to read about players' experiences with casino personnel, heat, table conditions, etc.
  • Some folks only lack an audiance it would seem.

    I dunno, the best job we can do as mentors is to answer the questions honestly and truthfully, and spice the answer with some reasoning behind the statements.

    Quite a while ago, before this website was existant, I too was under the misguided reasoning some others have shown. I would not split 8's against a 10 value, I would split 9's against an Ace, and I would only hit 2 card 12's against a 3 in the local casinos (AC at the time). Sure... the book says.... BUT who wrote that book ?

    Since then I found a few good books, and know why "ya do what ya gotta do". But then, it DOES come down to a matter of faith and discipline... and grinding it out over a life-time.

    Funny thing, about the time I got interested in 21, there were a bunch of Scientific papers about the Extinction of dinosaurs by an Asteroid or Comet or two... "pure Heresy, and idle fiction".... NOT !, and Holy Cow it happens every 28-29 Million years. Now there's some faith and discipline in the long-term.
  • Hey Nickels. Haven't been by (or playing) for a while, family matters, etc., but good to see you and other familiar faces are still here. Anyway,

    Nickels_n_Bullets said:
    and Holy Cow it happens every 28-29 Million years. Now there's some faith and discipline in the long-term.

    Now you're talking long-term sessions! My favorite progression (yes, I'm still a heathen) would have some good bounces during that stretch, lol.

    But, seriously, Ray brought up some good points. When I first started here I was confused by a lot of "mathematical" replies to my queries. But, the bottom line is, there were always enough clear writing folks, yourself included, and Grifter, Walter and many others who were always able to help. Like Ray said, the pretenders are always easy to spot. (Although sometimes amusing too, remember Bug?).

    Tribute mentioned he'd like to see posts about personel, table conditions, heat, etc. I agree. I look at BS as law, but conditions/attitudes in the individual casino is the one variable. I'm interested in hearing others reports about this too. To me, that's a real big mental aspect of the game.

    Anyway, glad to be back again, and hope to be playing by next week or so. (God knows, it's gotta be better than the stock trading I got myself involved in this year! Stick to what ya know, somebody said. I wasn't listening that day).

  • Ray -- great post. The whole tenor or the board has indeed shifted a bit over that time period. Always good to know that the stalwarts are still there ...you, Grifter, Midnight, etc. Thanks for the attempt to re-focus everyone. This is to good a group to get overly bogged down.

    Must say that I've been surprised that the "Experiences & Funny Stories" section of the board hasn't gotten much action or response. I would have thought this would be non-stop interesting posts.

  • ... make that "too" good.
  • great post! i agree,if someone asks if 2+2=4 we don't need to explain Einsteins' theory to them! yes-this is a great group of players and Mentors and i for one have always felt very fortunate to be aware of this website and get advice from some seriously great players,but you're right,let's keep it simple if possible.
    best of luck to all-
  • Great post, Ray, just great.......I agree with every point that you brought up, and especially with (1) Overly long, rambling rhetorical posts (Prog's Einstein's theory comment), and (2) People pretending to be more knowledgeable and experienced than they are.......Those two kinds of posts almost make me upchuck in my Wheaties.

    Thanks for the post.........Grifter
  • What a way to spoil a beer (Wheaties and Beer... breakfast of Champions).

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