john brewer book????
  • anyone know about this guys book... John Brewer "Blackjack winning secrets"??????????
  • Norm,

    Check out the website

    Looks to me like the guy is selling Basic Stratgy and not a whole lot more. The fact that he's an ex-dealer may be impressive to novices, but many of us are aware that lots of dealers don't truly know the game.

    I think anyone interested in learning to improve their blackjack skills would do better to simply come back to on a regular basis. Play "The Game", learn from your errors, and browse through the posts.
  • IMO, the Blackjack Bluebook II by Fred Renzey is Excellent and inexpensive, and you can get a used one at
  • dealer only make u loss , not help u win
  • Some how this guy has my email and I keep getting s..t from him.... I don't need a book right now.... not that I couldn't learn something but I just don't have the time to do much reading....
  • The Ace-Five Method is freely availible at .

    The alternate version for S17 is awesome!

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