• I just thought i would say high to everyone and hopefully get myself on track to becoming an educated Blackjack player. Im 22 so im new to the whole casino/gambling atmosphere. Since i am basically a newbie i would like to know from you how i can become successful when i go to the casino and play Blackjack. I have already lost money basically being a big sucker and im already tired of it. I have read "Mesa guide to Blackjack" and have been practicing the Hi Lo card counting system. I dont feel i am proficient enough yet to yield any sort of benefit from it. So i guess i want to know what i should be doing in preparation so i can benefit from counting and is there any other sort of materials i should be reading? Any help would be great!
  • Start by reading the thread about John Brewer's new book, of particular note is the reference to Fred Renzey's book. Thats a great start. The Quick Links button at top of page will also detail other books of value.

    Practice with a simulator, either 678 Blackjack or CVBJ depending upon your wallet. Both are great ways to practice.

    After reading and practice comes the confidence to play in the brick and mortar world.

    Good Cards
  • Hi and welcome Chrono - I too am a newbie and I have to say the people on this forum are fantastic, not mention incredibly smart, logical and realists!!

    I was just a play-around-bj player years ago when I would go to Reno and Vegas, not serious at all. Then I played abit in Nov. ( 21 machines in Vegas and really became interested),then I was fortunate enough to find this forum and the hitorstand game! I play the hit or stand game all the time and it sure has helped with not only my game but my speed, accuracy, and my concentration.

    The books that these gents (& ladies) recommend are definetely worth looking into. I myself just bought Blackbelt in BJ and Blackjack bluebook ll and can't wait to read them.

    My next venture will be the simulators, but that won't be until I can learn to cc.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and to also give all the gents & ladies (can't leave us out!) here big kudos for all the help that they have given me just from reading their posts. I so enjoy this forum and Good luck to all of us!! Angelina
  • Thanks for the reponses i plan on learning a lot from this forum.

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