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  • Hello

    Just wanted to speak to or hear from those who frequent casinos in Australia.

    By the way Mr Renzey, I think your BBII is awesome. Well worth the money spent.

    Can I please get some response to this question?

    Do you draw on 15 against a 10 when the KISS Count is >20?

  • 22Busted - Welcome to the Forum.......I'm not Fred Renzey, and I am not positive about this answer, but common card sense tells me that the index for 15 vs 10 would be the same for KISS as it is for KISS II.....that is:
    - For 2 deck: Hit if RC is 23 or less, Stand if 24 or more.
    - For 6 deck: Hit if RC is 26 or less, Stand if 27 or more.

  • KISS I has a different set of numbers than does the common KISS II & III
    set. (page 146 and the next two pages for insurance). As for the question
    asked (15 vs 10), just follow basic strategy. Otherwise, the numbers Grifter
    has given for II & III.
  • Ray - We'll have to wait to see if Fred reads this and responds, and maybe I'm muddying the waters by saying what I did above. I agree that 15 vs 10 numbers are shown for KISS II and III, but I think Fred was trying to bring people along in counting step by step and didn't want to make KISS more complicated with those indices.

    What I'm saying is that I see no reason those 21 index plays wouldn't be applicable for KISS if you wanted to include them, and I imagine they would improve your EV by a few hundredths.

  • hi-
    according to blackjack bluebook II- using the kiss III count-

    15v10 stand on count of 27 or higher

    16v 10 stand on 15 or higher

    best of luck-
  • Grifter- Yes I understand where you are comming from. What I was thinking
    and the justification for my comments was a result of the limited number of
    card tags for KISS I. Note that all the variations for KISS I are tiny favorites
    in the case of a neutral deck( exception 16 vs 10). This, along with the slight
    favorable count is enough to justify DD rather than hit. Also, when the count
    exceeds 25 the accuracy starts to drift. I don't think he wanted to risk those
    index numbers based on those two factors (accuracy(tags) and drift). But,
    like you say, lets wait and see.
  • Guys and 22 Busted -- Grif is basically right. I just wanted the entry level KISS I to have a small handful of index plays (6), all activated at the same running count so as to keep things simple as in k.i.s.s.).

    On the "Key Points" page at the end of chapter 10, pg 162, item #6 advises that you could increase the overall performance of KISS I by about .06% net EV if you adopt all 21 index plays shown on pg 155. They include standing with 15 vs. 10 when the running count is '23' or greater in hand held play and '27' or greater in the shoe game.

    Is '27' the perfect 15 vs 10 number for the card tag structure of KISS I in a shoe game? Didn't analyze it. Intuitively, '26' might be a bit better, but just using all the KISS II and III indices as they are for KISS I is a definite step up in performance. Further perfecting a separate full set of indices for KISS I wouldn't likely produce measurable superiority.
  • Sorry -- just for the sake of correctness, the index number for 15 v 10 in hans held play is '24'.
  • Grifter- Well Boss...sometimes my logic just don't work-out. Sounded good
  • Hello Mr Renzey

    I have throughly enjoyed your stories regarding being abused by bad players comments sitting at 3rd base etc, could you recommend a good book that discusses professional players experiences at Casinos.


  • 22 Busted -- Try "Burning the Tables in Las Vegas", by Ian Anderson. It contains some of the stuff you asked about -- and is also a wealth of knowledge in the area of covering your game with a "ploppy" act. It's not chesp -- $27 retail.
  • You mentioned the book isnt cheap, but I beg to differ in the scheme of things.

    If you invest a lot of time and money playing backjack then spending a few units on an informative book that can potentially increase your profit is money well spent.

    I have throughly enjoyed reading your book, over and over again until the concepts finally sink into head.

  • i've said it before and i'll say it again: if i had paid $200.00 for my copy of Blackjack Bluebook II it would have been the best bargain i ever got!
    best of luck to all.
  • I have just started reading it and I have to say it is great and an eye opener! Great book Mr. Renzey!

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