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  • I'm beginning the process to learn to play JB--at least on the elimentary level so that on my next trip to Vegas I can play BJ without (hopefully) looking like a complete idiot. My question, I am sure has been asked numerous times on this board (I am new to the board also) "are strategy cards allowed at the table(s) in the casions"? Thanks for the info?
  • If you have to resort to looking at a BS card, then your not ready to gamble.

    When you want or if you want toa dvance yourself to a card count it will make the process difficult as you probably would have attracted unnnecessary attention from the dealer and pit bosses.

    Be patient and take the time to learn the bs card, you will be suprised that with a little bit of practice and effort you would have mastered the art of BS.

    Then next comes the challenge of CC.......(card counting)
  • 22 busted makes a good point. Grab a deck of cards and a strategy card or two and run through the hands. Maybe even set them up, and play through the rest of the deck to see how things can change.

    That is, pick out a player hand of say hard 10 and a dealer "up-card" of a 6. Place the next card face-down under the dealer up-card. Then do what the strategy cards says. Flip up the dealer's down-card and play out the dealer's hand. When done, leave the hard 10 and face-up 6 on the table and discard the rest.... put the top card in the remaining deck face-down under the dealer's card and repeat . I learned quickly this way... and why things are not as rosy as one might think!
  • Strategy cards usually will not be a problem at the tables. Someone from the casino may ask to see your card, but if it is just a basic strategy card, they shouldn't have a problem as they know they still have the edge.

    I'm sure you want to progress to a point where you know them by heart, but having a crutch to help you get there isn't bad. It is worth practicing, though -- see if you can not look at the card much. You'll get better and better at it and then be ready for counting eventually.
  • They actually sell these cards in many gift shops in Vegas hotels. I've seen people with them sitting on their cigarette packs at the bj tables. I'm sure there is no problem in Vegas casinos as long as you don't hold up the game - so wear your glasses if you have prescription glasses! LOL
  • I have the BS chart which I do reference every now and then when I make a mistake. We made a trip to AC last Monday and I took it with me and my husband said "You don't need the chart", just play. I did and never took the chart out (had it in my back pocket, just in case)! What has helped me the most besides the chart is playing the "difficult" portion of the game hitorstand on this website. Just a suggestion, FWIW.
  • What worked best for me when I was learning BS, was making some blank BS sheets and filling everything in yourself. The first few times you do it you'll have to reference a chart but then after a while you notice the patterns and you'll be able to fill it all in yourself. And then you'll just know it.
  • LeonShuffle said:
    What worked best for me.....was making some blank BS sheets and filling everything in yourself......after a while you notice the patterns and you'll be able to fill it all in yourself.

    Good advice there.
    I think the general consensus is BS cards are allowed as long as you aren't slowing down the game, at least too much.

    I have a small card that I keep right on top of my cigarette pack and glance at when I need to. It's my crutch for the trickier hands with A's and for deciding when to split.

    Learn your card WELL, so you can tell with a quick glance what to do.
    I also use it the same way when practicing with the game on this site.

    Here's another tip:
    Try to stay away from 1st base (to the dealer's left). This is the 1st player to have to decide. You'll 'buy' yourself a little extra time to look at your cards (and the dealer's) to decide what you want to do.
    You might also want to stay away from 3rd base (to the dealer's right).
    This is the last player to play before the dealer and lots of players will give you grief over how you play your hand. (Even though a wrong play could help or hurt them just as easily.)

    Get a good book (I recommend Blackjack Bluebook II by Renzey) and read and re-read it several times, especially the stuff on BS. You can skip the card counting chapters for now. It will sink in more with each reading. In this book, he explains WHY you play hands the way you should. After reading the WHY, several times, it will stick even more. IF you skip the card counting sections, it's not that many pages to study.

    Sorry this got long.. Hope it helps though.

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