Strange question
  • To begin with, it's a situation I probably should never have gotten myself into.
    But here goes.
    I play a 10-15-20-25 progression, don't count.
    So I'm minding my own business with a fun table and I've got a $15 bet up.
    Just before the deal starts, a drunk standing behind me leans in and says, "Mind if I play this on top on you." (Most all the tables were jammed full).
    I wasn't crazy about it, but like I said, it was a fun table and I didn't want to look like a jerk.
    So he plops a green on top of my $15 to make it a $40 bet. The only thing I told him was that he could put his money on there, but I'm making the decisions.
    So of course I get dealt a pair of aces vs. Dealer 4. I turn to him, like "are you in?" and he promptly informs me that the green chip was all the money he had left.
    Well, I put up the whole $40 for the split.
    Another ace gets dealt (you can split them again where I play).
    So I put another $40 up.
    Get painted on the first A, get a 8 or 9 on the second.
    Then the third A gets a 6 so now I've got to double that one -- another $40.
    There's a happy ending -- the dealer busted and so, betting a lot more money than I normally would have, it was one of the more lucrative single hands I've ever had.
    I gave the drunk two green chips from the stack, his and the one he won.
    But here's my question (NOT THAT I EVER PLAN TO GET IN THIS SITUATION AGAIN): Let's say one or two of the split hands won and one or two lost. How should we have determined which hand his $25 was riding on.
  • Hand furthest right is usually considered 1st hand (original). Hands to its left are the split. But, where the $$$ is placed by Dealer might override this. It should have looked like your bet and his cap bet were furthest right, and all other bets were yours alone... just as his one bet is shared with you on the one hand with both bets. No pay, no play... and vice-versa.
  • I all ways ask any one whos put his chips on top of my chips ( or behind my chips as they do here in the UK ) whether he wants the left or right hand before the dealer deal any cards, ( should a case come up like yours that he has not got enough funds to do the split with you and you decide to put up your own ) thus clearing up any misunderstanding as to who's was what, that might happen AFTER the cards had been delt, take care and be lucky



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